DIY Swirl Paintings

I have some paintings in my living room that we outsourced from Oyster Creek Studios (meaning she got it from a vendor) but we then found REALLY similar ones on the internet here. I had some help with the interiors so a lot of the pieces aren’t available but if you want to find some new pieces for your space you can check out the full blog here. ANYWAYS so we thought it would be fun to recreate the paintings and get the look for way less! Also you can always get them framed in black to really up the antics or paint the frame side frame black (just tape the edges).

We’re taking on his challenge today & attempting to recreate these pieces. You can get the things you need at your local craft & hardware stores or all on Amazon! Also I have had a few girls message me saying they already recreated them and they used other material as we did!

What you need:

  • 2 canvases (in your preferred sizes) – Those are some we found on Amazon but we used 36x48in canvases from Michael’s using their coupons through their app. They also go on sale often!
  • 2 tubs of wood filler in white or they come in natural tan colors as well depending on the color you want. You can pick some up at your local hardware store too like we did!
  • 1 large flat paint brush (a cheap one will do, will most likely not be able to use after)
  • Black acrylic paint to color the wood filler a gray – you can mix any color paint to the wood filler to achieve the color you’d like. We also used some brown tint

How to do it:

  1. Prep the wood filler by mixing in the acrylic paint to get the color you’d like (mix really well)
  2. Plan out the swirl pattern you would like on scratch paper. You can lightly sketch the pattern of lines out with a pencil on the canvas.
  3. Paint out the swirl pattern with a generous amount of wood filler to achieve the 3D, textured look
  4. Wait at least overnight to dry
  5. Then hang and enjoy!