Crushing On Straw Bags

1. Topshop: I love love the design of this! It gives me so many tropical vibes!! I also really like that it has a  rope shoulder strap as well!

2. Topshop: I love this black and nude pom combo! I feel like it could be dressy or casual! This one also comes with a leather shoulder strap!

3. Cult Gaia: I’ve had this one for a while and always find myself carrying it everywhere! It really adds so much to any outfit!

4. Nordstrom:  I have this one as well and it is so perfect for sunny summer days at the lake/beach or just to brighten up your outfit!!

5. Shiraleah: Ok I know I’m a little obsessed with poms, but I think they are so adorable! This bag is so spring and so much fun!!

6. Topshop: This is probably my favorite and I need this asap!! The white floral design with the straw is so gorgeous!!

7. Nordstrom: Everything about this bag makes me want to hop on a plane to some island and lounge by the beach!!

8. Nordstrom: Obsessed with all the bright colors on this bag! It can make any outfit pop and I love!!

9. Nordstrom: I love how simple and cute this one is! It’s a perfect everyday spring/summer accessory!!