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Crushing On Spring Finds

1. Dress: Love this dress for spring!! I have been looking for a good wrap dress and love the details of this one!

2. Hat: Having one of these in your closet is an essential for spring/summer! Perfect to bring on vacay or just lounging by the pool with your girls!

3. Bag: I had a couple of these last year and was obsessed! They go great with so many spring outfits!

4. Shorts: These could go with so much! The light pink is so cute!

5. Bodysuit: Just got this bodysuit and it’s already become a staple in my wardrobe!

6. Shoes: I actually just got these in and have worn them twice, but they are SO comfortable! The perfect summer shoe to wear all night!

7. Earrings: You guys know I love me some Baublebar earrings and these would be great with all your spring outfits!

8. Dress: Love the color of this dress for spring!!

9. Swimsuit Top & Bottoms: The colors on this set are so cute and I’m loving the design of the top!




10 thoughts on “Crushing On Spring Finds

  1. Love that first Revolve dress!! Any chance you could do a try on? I’d love to see how it fits before ordering.

    Thank you!!

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