Crushing on Silk

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  1. Yellow Dress
  2. Navy Top
  3. Light Pink Top
  4. Wrap Blouse
  5. Navy Dress
  6. Grey Dress
  7. Light Blue Top
  8. Yellow/Orange Top

I think what’s great about blogging / fashion is there are no rules. You can do whatever the heck you want because you can. Silk flowy tops is one thing that caught my attention on the runway during NYFW that I went all heart eyes for. Now I know silk is more of a warmer day trend and rightfully so, since it was on the Spring 2017 runway, BUT who says you can’t jump ahead of the curve and start wearing it now. Especially since it still is about a million degrees outside and for us Houstonians it doesn’t seem like it’ll be getting cold anytime soon. I also saw at Marissa Webs show – silk mixed with some leather pants that I LOVED. This could be the perfect transition look for this time of year. Wearing this silk top with a leather jacket is my new inspiration for an outfit. I am so excited to continue to share #buttercupcrush series with trends I took away from the runways such as silk! I did mention I was going to share velvet booties last week but within the week I saw a couple of velvet bootie guides and its just not my jam to copy someone else – SO I will just wait a couple more weeks for that guide since it is one of my favorites! Also below you will find Marissa Webb inspiration for this trend.

Happy Tuesday! TODAY IS THE DAY I GO HOME! It has been so crazy going from New York for a week to Vegas for a week. I miss my bed and my puppy dog so much! Thankfully Vegas was full of r&r which was much needed. We for sure have conquered this place after visiting 8723923 times so there isn’t much left for us to go sight see. It was nice getting breakfast with Ted yesterday then snuggled back into bed for the rest of the day to work. At night we went to dinner and watched Penn & Teller to wrap up the last night of the trip. Oh happy day to be home :)

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