Crushing on Pom Poms

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  1. Good Night Macaroon 
  2. Chinese Laundry 
  3. Misa
  4. Pitusa
  5. Moda
  6. Good Night Macaroon
  7. ASOS
  8. Pitsua
  9. Eliza

I am loving loving some pom poms in my life. Like how can you not love them? Especially the bright color ones that I have shared with this #buttercupcrush! They are very similar to the tassel trend just little pom balls instead. They scream summer time and remind me so much of the bright embroidery colors you can find on the streets in Mexico/ Guatemala. I especially love this top that would look perfect with some white jeans. These shoes are also my favorite. I found these earrings which I think I would wear them everyday if the price wasn’t so dang expensive. I mainly included them for inspiration!

Happy Tuesday! I would love for you to tag your #buttercupcrushes if you ever order or are inspired by this series when you post! I love searching for ideas for the crush series so if you would like to see a certain trend, just let me know! Yesterday I started the BBG Kayla Sweat app and I am so excited to keep going. It was only day 1 but it left Ashley and I sweating while leaving the gym. Sister is also trying to have me pack up and leave Wednesday out of the country. I don’t do well with last minute changes so I am trying to decide if its a smart move or not. SO much going on! Anyways, thanks for stopping by and enjoy your week.