#nsale Public Access Top Items Restocked + Giveaway

Yalllll! It’s officially here! Everyone is now able to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I am so dang happy for you all! There are SO many good finds included in the sale that I have been wearing non stop. You can find each and every outfit from the sale that I have styled here or over on IG highlights. Below I decided to share my top pieces that I think will go the fastest! Be sure to snag them fast because things sell out fast. Happy shopping! (giveaway info + winner is below) !


Dress:  BP (xs) | Shoes: Sam Edelman (tts)

”Top: 1.State (xs) | Skirt: Topshop (tts) | Boots: Steve Madden (tts) | Hat: Similar

”Top: Socialite (s) | Jeans: Free People (size up) | Cardigan: BP (xs) | Hat: Similar | Shoes: Halogen

Top: Adidas(s) | Leggings: Zella (xs) | Shoes: Adidas (7.5)

Top: Bp (s) | Pants: Caslon (25)

Dress: Socialite (xs) | Boots: Steve Madden (7.5)

”Top: Tee (sm) | Cardigan: Leith (s) | Denim: Free People (26 – not apart of #nsale but under $100 steal) | Shoes: Vince Camuto (tts)

Top:* Bp(S) | Cardigan:* Free People(XS/S) | Jeans:* Ag(24) | Shoes: Steve Madden(7.5)

”Top: Lush (xs) | Shoes: Steve Madden

Top: Nike (s) | Leggings: Zella (s) | Necklace: Kate Spade

Top: Bp  (xs) | Shoes: Steve Madden| Shorts: Nasty Gal (not nsale)

Top: Bp (s)| Cardigan: Halogen (xs) | Leggings: Spanx sm | Shoes: Adidas

Top: Bp (s) | Vest: Northface(s) | Leggings: Zella | Shoes: Nike

Sweater: Bp(S) | Jeans: Free People(26) | Shoes: Steve Madden(7.5)

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  • $12 tee: giving you 3 different ways to inspire you to style a tee in different light!

Different Tabs:

@samruizz you have won our giveaway!! SO darn excited for you. Thank you all for following along and entering the giveaway. I so wish everyone could be a winner.

I have decided to 2 giveaways today (Two winners will win a $250 Nordstrom Gift Card!) Winner will be announced 1 week from today! (Friday, July 27)

The first way to enter is on my last IG post (instructions posted there) and the second way to enter is to leave a blog comment below letting me know what content you enjoy the most from Dress Up Buttercup! Is it try on sessions, is it real-life stories, is it travel, is it beauty, is it outfit roundups, is it marriage?! Would love to hear what you enjoy and want to see more of!

I will choose 1 winner from the blog comments and 1 winner from the IG Post!

PS lmk if you have any questions via email about the sale, etc ([email protected])


Tee Styled 3 Different Ways

Top: Bp (nsale) | Cardigan: Halogen (nsale) | Leggings: Spanx (nsale) sm | Shoes: Adidas (nsale)

Top: Bp (nsale) | Jeans: Bardot | Shoes: Sam Edelman

Top: Bp  xs (nsale) | Shorts: Nasty Gal s | Shoes: Steve Madden (nsale)

So now that all you Nordstrom Cardholders have your hands on some goodies from the sale, I wanted to give inspo on how to style your pieces. Even if you haven’t shopped the sale yet (yay for tonight) I am sure you have plenty of tees sitting around your closet similar to this one that you can style! I honestly lack in the tee basic department so I stocked up on these tees! I am obsessed with how unique this color is and how I can style it so many different ways! The best part is the sale price and I can’t recommend snagging these enough!

All you need to know for Nordstrom Sale Public Access:

  • Opens at 2am cst for everyone to shop the sale!
  • Restocks: There will be restocks but yall it sells in a couple hours. Things go fast so be sure to either set an alarm or shop it once you wake up! I would love to be used as a resource again for you all!
  • I will be sharing my top favorite restocks over on stories and here on the blog in the middle of the night! Ted and I plan on pulling another all-nighter to get everything up for you all! I will only be sharing the items I think will sell out the fastest!
  • I have insights on everyone’s favorite picks so far, so I have been analyzing what everyone is loving and what will sell out asap! My favorite part is analytics!
  • Be sure to check out my #nsale highlight tab over on IG or this tab for a full round up of all my favorite outfits / finds put together already! I include sizing and if I didn’t like a piece, I didn’t share it! Also under the Nordstrom Anniversary tab I included tabs of all my favorite beauty, home decor, and men’s finds! Be sure to check that out!
  • If you are unsure of a size, purchase both and you can always return it! Nordstrom is notorious for its free shipping and BEST return policy ever!
  • Feel free to email or dm me with any questions 🙂


Pleated Blue Maxi

Dress: Nasty Gal

I absolutely LOVE LOVE this dress. I died over it when it came into the mail and would be a perfect dress this time of year for a special event. I know that weddings are slowing down until October for fall weddings and I for sure am so excited to start shopping for those events! I find myself always going to Nasty Gal to find unique pieces that still have great quality and can’t beat the price. I put in a Nasty Gal order about every month and find myself grabbing them the most! Such killer deals on the best pieces, especially their summer collection, in my opinion! I can’t stop wearing these denim shorts, that I wore here, and these polka dot shorts that I shared over on stories! I will be styling these Polka Dot shorts tomorrow over on the blog!

I know so many of you have also received your picks from Nasty Gal and have been loving it! I feel like it’s my little secret to share haha! Well, I am off to do a million and one errands today but thanks for stopping by!


Top 10 Fav Recent Beauty Finds

Outfit // Top: Lush  xs (#nsale) | Jeans: Free People | Shoes: Steve Madden (#nsale) | Necklace: Kate Spade (#nsale)(similar) | Earrings: Bauble Bar

1 // The Styled Collection Luxe Beauty Case  (on sale)

This is a new find and I am obsessed with this beauty case! I have been trying to find a clear travel case since I feel like I am always on the go with my makeup and beauty products. This case has so much room that it fits all my make up and then my overnight travel products as well! Since it is clear, it is so much easier to sort through with a 360 degree view vs my old makeup bag! My favorite part is also the dividers so I can store my make up brushes and lipsticks up right! It really has been my absolute favorite beauty find lately! Also in regards to traveling, my favorite part is how lightweight the case is. I feel like I have tried hundreds of travel cases but all of them are so bulky. They take up about 5lbs of my suitcase which this one does not! I also need a lot of room because obviously, I love a lot of products! Will highlight a few of my favorite in the bag below!

2 // Tula Eye Cream 

Ok I have used lots and lots of eye creams to try to get rid of the bags under my eyes and this one has been a game changer! I have used lots of skincare products before and I can’t stop raving about Tula! Maybe it’s because its one skincare brand I’ve been using consistently for the last couple months! I also love their moisturizer!

3// Dry Bar Dry Shampoo and Texture Spray (#nsale)

Alright this is my holy grail and go to for dry shampoo! I have tried every dry shampoo under the sun and I keep finding myself going back to this one! It gets every ounce of oil out of my hair and works like a charm. The texture spray is also another favorite to give my hair some grit!

4// Beauty Blender with Case (#nsale) 

I use this every day! Mine has been so dirty that I have been meaning to purchase a new one and was so excited to see it was apart of the Nordstrom sale! I immediately snagged it up and love that it comes with with a protector. I have been meaning to purchase a protector as well because I think its so gross when the beauty blender is wet and thrown into a makeup bag. I always think of all the bacteria it is forming! Also, I was so surprised during my make up a tutorial that not many knew to wet their beauty blender! A lot of yall said you purchased one and was not a fan because you didn’t know the proper way to use it was damp! Be sure to run it under water and squeeze out the excess water! I use a beauty blender for my foundation and under eye concealer!

5 // New Nude Lip Combo

I have been using Huda Beauty lipstick in Muse and Mac lip liner in Spice. Has been my go-to lately! Lots of questions about this so wanted to give an update here!

6 //Nu Face (#nsale) 

So I actually have used this about a year ago when I first started blogging and loved the results. I stopped using it after our move to the condo because I lost the cord! The other day I was going through boxes and found it! So I basically have been using it for a hot second and then saw that it is apart of the nsale! I will keep yall updated on results after using it for a while!

7 // Tanning Lotion  (#nsale)

So one of my most FAQ is obviously tanning and while I do love a good spray tan ( I do the versa or mystique tan) I have been using this tanning lotion in between! Especially while I travel I use this babe to prolong my tan. You can find my full tanning blog post here! I also have been loving this for a small tint!

8 // CC Cream Foundation

So I just changed up my foundation this past month and wanted to share! I have been using Estee Lauder foundation for years and as much as I love it, I wanted a change! Especially since I needed to change it up to a summer color. I have been wearing the rich color which matches with my summer glow!

9 // Donna Karan Deodorant (#nsale) 

Soooooooooooo I always told my self I wouldn’t fall into the trap of this deodorant but here I am haha! I have had so many personal friends recommend it and I was like no way am I going to spend extra on deodorant and make that another luxurious bad shopping habit! But… here we are haha. While in Cabo I forgot my deodorant and my sweet friend Jess offered for me to try it. It’s a game changer and I can’t even tell you why. Maybe start with the 1 pack and see if you see a difference. The multiple trio packs are apart of the nsale so I will be stocking up!

10 // Brow Definer Pencil

Game changer yall. I have been using the little dip brow pomade with the brush and moving over to this pencil has been WOW. I mean I was using the brow wiz pencil but I have arab thick brows so using this one has been even better. I probably won’t go back! I did micro blading about 1+ years ago and I don’t think its personally for me. My eyebrows didn’t heal correctly and they are all sorts of jacked up. I am trying for it to 100% heal before I even consider doing it again. I for sure can’t leave the house without touching up my brows due to the miro blading scars so this pencil has been amazing!