All White With A Hint Of Blue

Top: Bp. | Shorts: Free People | Shoes: Treasure & Bond | Bag: Steve Madden | Earrings: Marley Lilly

White on white with a little mother nature to compliment this look! Literally, that water was a dreeeeeeam come true! It was worth the journey getting there and you can read all about our Sandals experience here! Today I wanted to talk about this top because I think its darling, practical, and affordable! It also comes in three different colors and I have my eye on the yellow! These shorts are new from Free People I came across them while I was browsing through the Galleria the other day! I needed some good white shorts that weren’t booty short and comfortable. I love the material on these shorts and just ordered the denim version. You probably think I am a little crazy that I order the same version of outfits in different colors but when they are that good, why go for something else?!

Anyways, I am a little late sharing this post but I promise to be on the ball all week with all my blog posts! I have tons of exciting spring / summer looks coming up!


Spring Special Occasion Dress Round Up

I know tons of you are either gearing up for a graduation, a graduation party, a bridal shower, a baby shower, a baptism, the Kentucky Derby, or just about any event that calls for a spring dress! Well, today I am sharing my top spring dresses (solid + lace) options for any special occasion that is coming up. On IG stories, I am walking you through my thoughts and you can see the dress in real life motion, which always helps makes a decision while online shopping! I have been collecting these dresses for the last two weeks since I knew I wanted to do this. I did not include all the dresses since some did not work out once I put them on. I would never want to recommend an item that I don’t think is worth it and is a complete waste of time for you! Without further ado…

Oh also! Be sure to keep checking back on my channels; I am going to keep hunting for the best special occasion dresses! Dresses are my absolute FAVORITE and it is dress season after all!

Dress: Wayf  

Love love like no words for this dress. I am thinking of wearing it to my friends Dani Austins wedding in May because its soooooo pretty. Obsessed with the color, ray hem, lace, off the shoulder, it has all the good things! 

Dress: Felicity & Coco (small tts) 

The color of this in real life is also UNREAL! I also love that it ties to custom hug your own waist! I think it’s very similar to this look that yall loved SO MUCH! Especially if you are looking for a dress with sleeves and this one is simple enough for any occasion!

Dress: Astr (xsmall tts)

Love the price of this dress more than anything! I also love that it is such a bright cheery red. It comes in navy as well but I have been gravitating towards red so much more this season! Which is so strange because I typically stay away from reds this time of year!

Dress: Chelsea28 (xs tts)

I love how adjustable this dress is depending on how tall you are! I was worried becuase I typically can tell by just looking at a dress if it is going to fit my 5’3 self or be too long. Once I saw this dress, I thought it would be longer than I would like but I realized the shoulders are adjustable with a bow so put it on! I am so glad I have it a chance becuase it is one of my favorites!

Dress: BB Dakota (2 -tad big!)

My favorite part of this dress is the color. I mean how gorgeous/unique is this with a tan?!  I also think the halter top is very flattering and I would so wear this to a baby shower or bridal shower!

Dress: Topshop (4 us tts)

So I promise for all you bride to be’s out there, I will do a full round-up on white dresses similar to this! For now, I came across this white wrap dress and thought it was darling + flattering! Would be perfect if you aren’t a bride for the Kentucky Derby or a baby shower! It also comes in a pretty blue!

Dress: Leith (xs tts)

My sister wore this dress to a wedding a couple weeks ago and it was so pretty on her! I have had this dress for a couple months and I have yet to find such a special occasion to wear it. It is so simple yet so classy! Also comes in tons of other colors and the price is a steal!

Dress: Soprano (small tts)

Like I said in the video, if you are looking to show off your summer bod and get back at your EX while at a wedding, this dress is for you! Super tight and flattering. Would also make your date go oww oww oww!

Dress: Topshop (4us tts)

This dress is very similar to the white wrap Topshop dress but I love that it is full long sleeves and the prettiest! I would wear this to a wedding because I know they crank up the AC and I hate when it is so cold!

Romper: Lovers & Friends (small- too big) 

Can I wear a romper to a wedding?! That was my top blog post for the first couple years I started blogging. The answer to that question is HERE! It still is one of my top posts because it does bring value. Especially since I was a wedding planner in the past! Anywho this romper could be worn to any special occasion and is darling. I would recommend sizing down! I am wearing a small but regret it and would rather have had a xs!

Dress: Alice & Olivia  (0 – tts) 

This designer dress is a stunner but it is on the pricer side! I got it last week during the Shopbop sale and was debating wearing it to the Reward Style conference this weekend. I still am going to bring it just in case I change my mind! Would love to hear your thoughts on this dress! It is VERY similar to the dress I wore to my college graduation (picture here) and probably why I am so drawn to it!


Wanna Be Coachella

Nastygal: Skirt / Tank / Denim Jacket

After watching stories after stories of everyone at Coachella this weekend, I got inspired to share my own little outfit of what I would be wearing if I was there haha! I immediately thought of Nasty Gal for an outfit and of course, they had plenty of festivals inspired pieces to choose from! Last time I went to ACL I also picked up some pieces from Nasty Gal! I am a sucker for a good skirt so I went with this darling beaded skirt with a simple tank! I just love adding a denim jacket over anything to bring it back down to more of a casual look!

I have had major fomo not being at Coachella but it also has been nice to be home for once! Coachella is definitely on my list of goals but for now, I will enjoy good ol Texas festivals! Happy fresh new start to the week lovelies!


St. Lucia Travel Diary

Top: Bp. | Jeans: Citizens of Humanity | Earrings: Baublebar  | Shoes: Treasure & Bond

Top: House of Harlow 1960 | Pants: Line & Dot | Earrings:  All Things Mochi | Shoes: Sam Edelman

Dress: Bp. | Shoes: Treasure & Bond | Purse: Shiraleah | Earrings: Baublebar

Top: Tularosa | Bottoms: Tularosa | Headband: Cara | Earrings: All Things Mochi

Romper: Somedays Lovin | Shoes: Soludos | Headband: Target

Top: Bp. | Shorts: Free People | Shoes: Treasure & Bond | Bag: Steve Madden | Earrings: Marley Lilly

Top: Isabella Rose | Bottoms: Isabella Rose | Earrings: Marley Lilly | Headband: Target

Romper: Bardot | Purse: Claire V. | Shoes: Treasure & Bond | Earrings: Marley Lilly 


My outfit // One-piece: Tularosa | Earrings: All Things Mochi | Headband: Target

Jessica’s outfit // One-piece: Chelsea28

Room: The room at The Sandals Resort we were given for our stay was called “The Lovers Lagoon”. Our room was on the 3rd/top floor and had a great view of the Caribbean. I don’t want to spend too much time on the room, because honestly, we spent the majority of the time at the pool and at the restaurants, haha. The room had a fridge stocked with every type of drink imaginable, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Unlike other all-inclusive resorts, they did not have snacks in the room, but obviously you could order anything to the room, so definitely wasn’t a big deal.

Food: Typical for a Sandals resort, the place was flooded with different types of restaurants. We stayed for 3 nights and couldn’t get to them all. I wish I could give you suggestions for breakfast, but we just ordered room service every morning, lol. Although, there was a crepe place right behind the main pool that everyone was raving about, so I would definitely suggest that.

For lunch, there were a ton of options by the pool. There was a hot dog stand, pizza parlor, burger and sandwich shop, multiple sit down options as well for a full-service lunch. Since we spent 99% of our time by the pool, our lunches consisted of hot dogs, pizza and chicken sandwiches. Yes, I may have gained a few pounds, but don’t judge me!

For dinner, the first night we ate a nice restaurant on the sand by the beach. Provided multiple chicken, beef and fish options (+ Veggie as well) and even had a specific drink menu for this restaurant. The second night, we double dinner’d it up! First, we went to the Japanese restaurant. The sushi here was amazing! They had a few fried sushi options, which I couldn’t stop eating, lol. We may have filled up too much before our second dinner, but it was definitely worth it. Our second dinner was hibachi, which after a few sake’s was way more entertaining than maybe it should’ve been, lol. Either way, it was delicious. Our last night, we had a dinner at their fanciest restaurant. Located on a pier overlooking the Caribbean, it was a beautiful setting. A 4-course dinner with the tastiest food at the resort! For Partying – go to the Pub, that’s where the party’s at, lol.

Activities: there were a ton of activities on site. Non-motorized water activities (kayaking, etc.,) and they do have excursions available for an extra cost. Note: The staff at the resort do have a lot of games and activities happening around the pool and by the beach at night. It’s really, really hard to avoid fun at this resort.

Beach: Just look at the photos, the water was so clear, the sand was so nice, and the scenery was amazing. Definitely one for the books.

Transportation: From the airport to the resort is roughly a 1.5-2 hour drive. I did highly appreciate the fact that Sandals had their own lounge at the airport, where you can snack and drink before your ride. Sandals takes care of the transportation, but beware, these roads are windy and the drivers drive fast! I typically get nauseated fairly easy, so this was a tough ride for me. It’s much worse on the way to the airport than on the way to the resort, probably because you realize the vacation is over, lol. We did meet a couple that took a helicopter from the airport to the resort, and that’s just an 8 minute ride. If that meets your budget, it may be a consideration if you’re trying to avoid the drive.