Blue With A View

Top: Free People | Shorts: Bishop + Young | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Earrings: Baublebar | Hat: Sole Society


Well, you know, it’s Dede’s birthday, which means some good news and some bad news….

Good news? She has someone to write this post for her today!

Bad news (For you and me)? It’s me!

So first, let me just give you a quick summary of this outfit. You see that shirt she’s wearing? It’s got this turtle neck thing going on, which is  wintery kinda. And if you look closely, it’s sleeveless, which is summery. Guess what comes between winter and Summer? Spring! So this shirt (it’s called a shirt, right? Not a like a blouse?) is perfect for spring weather!

Alright – now these shorts – they’re blue, have a little knot thingie and super cool cute looking #nuffsaid. Add some bling, like those earrings and wrist wear stuff, and you got yourself a legit super duper cute outfit!!

Now onto the birthday girl! Let me brag a little here (not that you have a choice). This trip that we just went on reminded me so much why I’m absolutely obsessed with her. All I wanted to do on this trip was to get to fly the new first class configuration on United before losing our United benefits. This plane only flies to business-centric cities (i.e. Frankfurt). She didn’t once try to convince me otherwise to take another flight (which if the roles are switched, I would’ve), because if you know Dede, a vacation without the beach is no vacation at all. So needless to say, she had no idea where we were going to end up. I had no idea (I didn’t really care bc I was too busy nerding out about planes).

The whole time, she was all smiles and just looking forward to hanging out. It was that upbeat, good attitude that was so gravitating. To sum up Dede’s personality, it would be just that. She is so upbeat about life, not taking small things too seriously and always enjoying the moment. She takes every opportunity to make the best of any situation and has this uncanny ability to brighten the room with that big, bright smile she has. I always told her she has the best smile I have ever seen. It never was because of her super white teeth or the one dimple she has, but always because of her character behind that smile. Some people say marriage is a lot of work, and although it may be true, if you do your best to understand your spouse, marriage is the most fun thing ever. And no offense to you and your situations, but did I way out-kick my coverage (ask a football fan about this reference) with Dede.

Happy Birthday baby girl! Looking forward to celebrating with everyone later.

The Hubs.