What I Wore In September

September was busy but SO fun. From Emily’s bachelorette party in Tulum to a spontaneous trip to Dallas while Ted was there for work to ending on a high note for Em’s picture-perfect wedding, I feel like I crammed so much into every day. Dressed up quite a bit this month and brought y’all some wedding guest dress ideas before I left for the wedding but also shared some comfy fall basics. Rounded up a few of my favorite outfits in this post!

Skort Set (medium) | White Boots (8)

Sweater (medium) | Skort (medium) | Booties (8)

Pink Lily Code: DEDE20

Jacket (medium) | Bodysuit (small) | Jeans (28) | Booties (8)

Pink Lily Code: DEDE20

Shirt (medium) | Skort (medium) | Booties (8)

Sweatshirt (medium) | Jeans (28) | Leggings (medium) Vans (8)

Pink Lily Code: DEDE20

Dress (medium) | Shoes (36)

Dress (small) | Shoes (similar)

Knit Set (small) | Boots (8)

Sweater | Leggings

Jumpsuit (medium)

Tank (small) | Leggings (small) | Sandals

Cardigan (medium) | Bodysuit (small) | Jeans (28) | Boots (8)

Pink Lily Code: DEDE20

Sweater (medium) | Jeans (28)

Pink Lily Code: DEDE20

Cardigan (medium) | Skort (medium) | Bodysuit (small) | Booties (8)

Pink Lily Code: DEDE20

Cardigan (medium) | Bodysuit (medium) | Jeans (6) | Vans (8)

Pink Lily Code: DEDE20

Blazer (medium) | Booties (similar)

Jacket (similar) | Bodysuit (medium) | Trousers (small) | Booties

Blouse (medium) | Jeans (6) | Booties (8)

Bodysuit (medium) | Skirt (medium)

Sweater (medium) | Jeans

Sweatshirt (medium) | Leggings (medium) | Shoes (8) Pink Lily Code: DEDE20

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