Our Home Security System

One of the things I am so glad Ted and I did when building our new house was look into getting a good security system. Safety is a must when it comes to my fam but also peace of mind of knowing what’s going on in the house. I wanted to share our security system company Vivint with you guys since we have been so happy with it. They are available all over the US and have lots of different plans. My favorite feature is probably the doorbell camera. We get notifications on our phone if it detects motion and it send a video of what is happening. It also tells us when a package has been delivered and knows to “watch” it which is crazy lol. Also, being able to unlock our door and the key pad code is super convenient. We have our front door set to lock on its own after 5 minutes of someone walking in so our door is always locked! They gave me a code for you guys that you can use to purchase a Vivint system and you’ll get a free doorbell camera! I think it’s a $250 dollar value so thats exciting.

Code: BLAMEITONDEDE (free doorbell camera offer with qualifying purchase, you can read more about terms/conditions here!)