The Athlete | Gift Guide

Leggings: Zella | Pullover: Madewell | Shoes: Nike | Gym Bag: Long Champ

I have absolutely been loving working out at Equinox with a trainer the past couple of weeks! I have felt my best and kinda do miss my workouts while I am traveling! I booked a black Friday workout session just because I know that will help me not go crazy on Thanksgiving day lol! Anyways I thought it would be fun to share a gift guide for the healthy athletes in your life. I mean you can never have enough gym outfits, water bottles, tennis shoes, etc!

1. I paired these two together because I thought they were cute. This sports bra is on sale currently so I’d grab it before it’s gone. The joggers are so presh!
2. This is a bangle that goes with the fit bit and I think it’s so cute!!
3. I love earphones like this because the cord doesn’t get in your way when you are working out!
4. Everyone needs a water bottle when working out so why not have this cute Swell!
5. I saw this yoga mat and I loved it! It’s so cute and will definitely have your yoga lover standing out in class!
6. The colors of this fit bit and so cuteeee! I am always amazed by the number of steps we take in a day so this is such a good investment for someone who is super active!
7. These Adidas tennis shoes are going into my cart! They are so adorable!
8. I love multi-colored yoga pants! I think they are so stylish and precious!
9. This bag is a duffle for travel but could easily be used as a workout bag!
10. I included a fanny pack into this post because it’s such a cute accessory when running and it holds things you need!
11. Foam rollers and sent from heaven! Seriously, they are amazing!
12.I added a cute pair of socks because you can never have enough socks!