Pumpkin Patch Trip

A trip to the pumpkin patch is always on the calendar but this year with Rosie girl it was so much more special! She’s at the age where she is running around like crazy and having the most fun. I love having these photos to look back on throughout the years. One of the biggest things I live for is “take the picture”. You can not only look back at them and remember but also you get to share those mems with family and friends.

Trying to coordinate family photo outfits can be hard. I usually try and go for neutrals for Ted, which he is a fan of anyways lol. Then for Rosie and I sometimes I find things that are super similar or just matching colors. I shopped around a lot on Nordstrom and actually ordered multiple things to try out. I figured I could just return what I didn’t like since they have free returns. I know I always mention that but it’s seriously one of my favorite things especially right now since I don’t try on it stores a lot. Your package comes with a prepaid return sticker so you just pop it on and thats it! I linked a couple other things I grabbed from Nordstrom below!

Dress | Scarf | Boots | Hat(similar)

Thank You Nordstrom For Partnering On This Post