Phone a Friend

During a time where brunch dates and girl’s night out can’t happen, it’s important to check in on your friends. This time is tough on everyone, so imagine the surprise on your girlfriends face when she gets a package from you she wasn’t expecting. Even if it’s something small, it still shows that you were thinking of them. I rounded up a few of my Amazon favorites that you can ship straight to your friend to maintain that social distance and will arrive quickly. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show them you care!

  1. Eye mask – Whether she has kids running around or not, everyone can’t seem to get enough shut eye! A cute silk eye mask is comfy and can help her take that midday nap while the sun is blaring. This one comes in so many patterns and is $10-$14 depending on the pattern!
  2. Back Massager – This was a hit last Christmas with my family (myself included!). For your gf that can’t get her much needed massage, this hits the spot – literally – and helps ease tension in the neck and back. This would be especially great for a friend that works from home slouched over a computer all day.
  3. Yeti Can Colster – For the friend that loves a good poolside beer or white claw, this keeps that drink cold for so long! We have a couple and keep some at my moms for when we’re out all day by the pool.
  4. Cold Brew Maker – We just discovered this and I am obsessed! I used to always buy cold brew in a bottle from the store or get Starbucks which is suuuuper pricey and adds up quick. This one is inexpensive and you can add some of your friends favorite beans to the order if they’re obsessed with coffee like I am. I love these New York cold brew beans!
  5. Cozy Slippers – Since we’re home all day long, slippers are a must! I rock these around the house all day long and love that they have a sturdy bottom so you can step outside in them too and just feels supportive on your feet. I would love if these showed up at my door!
  6. Star Choker – Nothing says you care like a cute little gold necklace. This one is one of my favorites that is a dupe for a much more expensive one. It’s $12 and I never take it off. I’ve had it for months and it hasn’t tarnished!
  7. Conversation Starter Cards – Ted and I love these. We whip these out on zoom dates with friends and keep it out on the counter if we’re cooking dinner or having an at home date night. Highly recommend for your couple friends and plus they come in family versions and girls night out version!
  8. Scalp Massager – Nothing feels better than someone scratching and playing with your hair, and this does the job! I use it in the shower to lather up my soap and really clean out my hair or when I need a little scratch and massage. Feels so good and I feel like it makes me so calm. Plus, only $7!
  9. Jade Roller & Gua Sha – This is the perfect set for someone who loves their skincare and loves to get facials. This helps reduce puffiness and sculpt out your face. Perfect after a night of too much salt haha. It’s highly rated and the two come together for $20!