Ostrich Feather Skirt

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Ostrich Feather Skirt: Pink Martini Collection c/o | Dress/Shirt: Velvet Dress | Purse: Michael Kors | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Shoes: Jessica Simpson (on sale) | Coat:Kenneth Cole (on sale)

This ostrich feather skirt is what I am raving about this holiday season. Thanks to Pink Martini Collection, they have so many fabulous outfits to choose from. This ostrich feather skirt is sadly sold out BUT they have a similar look as a dress here that I am dying over. I know you could rock that dress to ring in the New Year.

There is also a little trick I love with tight dresses and skirts that I will let you in on. I LOVE purchasing dresses and adding skirts over the dress. This velvet top is actually a dress that I adore and I usually end up adding some festive top to add an umph to the outfit. This ostrich feather skirt really topped this outfit and I cain’t wait to wear this look to a holiday party. Plus when you purchase dresses that allow you to create this look, it gives you an extra look for your buck which I think is genius.

Thank you for stopping by Buttercup! I hope you have a happy Wednesday. Ted and I have had a major bum holiday the past two days and we plan to for the rest of the week. Unwinding down (hybernating) this holiday season amongst the chaos is kind of our tradition.

XX,Dede Raad

Houndstooth Scarf







Cardigan: Make + Model | Jeans: Madewell | Scarf: Houndstooth | Shoes: Vegan | Bag:MICHAEL Michael Kors Bag | Accessories: Rocksbox (code: dederaadxoxo) free 1 month

I am loving this houndstooth print as a scarf. I added this print with this darling cardigan and white jeans. If you haven’t noticed, I have been living in light colors this winter (or almost winter). I can’t wait to style this houndstooth scarf with more outfits. You probably will be seeing it a whole lot. XX,Dede Raad

Cutout Gown








Gown: BCBGMAXAZRIAn | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Lipstick: NYX

For those of you that have fancy events coming up, I have found the dress for you. Christmas party, company party, New Years Eve party or even a wedding, this dress is a keeper and you will leave the night with raving compliments. Trust me, I have first hand experience from wearing this dress to a wedding in Amman, Jordan this summer. Nordstrom just released it and the white and black color combo is just timeless for any occasion. The cutouts give such a chic look that don’t bore the black and white look.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this look!

XX,Dede Raad

Flannel Nighty for Everyday Wear








LUV_4699Flannel: Old Navy | OTK: Ivanka Trump | Hat: David & Young | Earrings: Kendra Scott * This entire post is on sale.

Yes yes I had to share this nighty dressed up because no one would have guessed it was a night gown until I told you. I always say “there are no rules in fashion” so if I want to wear this as a dress, I can wear it as a dress. This button up flannel is perfect for those days that you know you are going to be home all day but you may need to walk your dog or get the mail without changing into clothes that are appropriate for public. I plan to dress this up with some tights and a jacket for those cooler days but if you live in Houston, you know, it’s almost 80 degrees up in this place. The weather being this hot this time of year is insane, so I dressed up this darling nighty with some OTK booties by Ivanka Trump (sale) and a tan floppy hat (sale) to go along with the weather. Hope you enjoy this look! & highly recommend snatching this versatile flannel.

XX,Dede Raad