Gift Guide for your Bestie

1 Barefoot Dreams Blanket: This blanket is what dreams are made of! But for real this would be a great gift since its a little pricey for a blanket so it may not be something they would spend that much on but would actually love.

2. Necklace: You’ve probably seen me where this constantly cause I love it so much. It’s such a great gift since its personalized!

3. Bag: I’ve been wanting to order this bag from Nordstrom Rack since its such a steal. I would hurry and order though since they tend to sell out quick!

4. Personalized Starbucks Cup: These are adorable and come in so many different options to give a personal touch!

5. Lipstick Set: I wear my Mac lipstick everyday and swear by it. I cant believe this set of 5 is under $40!!

6. Silk Pillowcase: I have been using a silk pillowcase for a while since they have so many benefits for your hair and face. Found this set of two for under $10!!

Kendra Set: I think the gfs would love this little set!

7. Tula Set: I’ve been using this brand for years and really like all their products!

8. Slippers: Just ordered these and so excited to try! Think they would be so cute in a gift basket!

9. Pjs: Pjs are always a fave and love this style. Here’s also some that would be cute if you don’t want Christmas print!


Gift Guide for the Hostess


1. Charcuterie Board : Love these as a gift for your friends and family that like to host! I think this one is super cute and has a plate for the utensils!

2. Decorative Pillows: Gifting decorative pillows is easy and something everyone would love. They can put on the couch, bar stool, breakfast nook, or just about anywhere and add a little holiday touch to the house!

3. Glass Stem Charm: These are so perfect for holiday parties! I know the girls would love them. You can use for wine glasses or champagne!

4. Wine Stopper: When I asked you guys what you like receiving as a hostess a lot of you said wine so I thought these would be a super cute gift to add on when giving a bottle of wine.

5. Wine Opener: This was Amazon’s choice for electric wine openers and has great rating for under $20! I also have this one that works great it I know Rabbit is a recommended brand.

6. Hand Towel: Love the fringe and classic design of these! I have added some others that have bright holiday vibes below too!

7. Candle: This is probably the most recommended item and I would have to agree since everyone loves candles!

8. Mugs: Love holiday mugs! They make me want to curl up on the couch with some hot coco and watch Christmas movies. Anyone else?!

Y’all also had a lot of great recommendations so I listed some below!


Rosie’s 2 Month Update

Onesie(similar) | Tutu | Dock A Tot | Hatch

I plan on doing a HUGE baby post soon with all my favorite baby products that baby girl has been loving, and go into major depth about each one! I just want about another month to try everything out before I make a master list! Rosie is a little over 2 months now so I thought it would be time to give a little update on her life. She is probably the HAPPIEST baby we have ever seen. She smiles all day and that melts mom and dads heart. I think our camera roll is full of pictures of baby girl and I hope she stays this happy forever. A good coooo coooo cooo from mom will always get a smile out of her. I just can’t wait to hear a big ol giggle. I know that’s coming soon! I tell people all the time that I want 12 of her. But exactly her and for her to be dropped at the front door step since I am not ready for labor again lol!

Schedule: As far as a schedule, we are eating every 2-3 hours and in between she will either nap or stay up and play. We are loosely following Moms on call and it has worked great for us!! At night she sleeps a solid 8+ hours. DEFINITELY the sound machine, black our curtains, and a good swaddle does the trick. We only use these 3 methods at night for her to learn the difference between night and day and it works like a charm!

Products we for sure are loving (both baby and parents) is the hatch baby rest plus. We found this at Walmart per yalls recommendation. Walmart is another great place for baby products and this page right here is so helpful! The brand Parents Choice has so good best seller items that parents trust so love looking at those! The hatch baby is a sound machine, and night light all in one. Ted and I started using a sound machine a couple years back and we would honestly use the hatch baby even without Rosie lol! It has such a soothing white noise option. I also think this makes such a huge difference for baby girls sleep. My mom always was against sleep crutches growing up (she still fights is) but HEY whatever works for baby girl we are here for it!

Lastly, to answer breastfeeding questions, THANKFULLY it is going well. I pumped the entire time on our trip when I left last week. I leaked half the time but all is good and I survived it. I honestly was worried about all the moms saying she will get use to the bottle and refuse the nipple but thankfully that didn’t happen! So far so good on the breastfeeding category.

I think I covered it all! Let me know if you have any specific questions in the comments below and I would love to answer!

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring todays post!

Halloween Sales

My outfit // Top| Jeans

Rosie’s Outfit // Onsie | Jumper

My Outfit // Coat | Top | Jeans | Shoes

Lauren’s Outfit // Coat | Top | Jeans

Pullover | Jeans | Slippers

Sweatshirt | Jeans(right) | Jeans(left)


Both Pjs // Top & Bottoms


Sweater | Jeans

1: Jeans | 2: Pumpkins | 3: Joggers| 4: Baskets| 5: Quay Sunglasses| 6: Pulloever | 7: Boots

Here for all the spoooky sales going on right now for Halloween! Some of my favorite places to shop have some great deals on in season clothing. I’ve listed some that I’ve found below. If you know any others let me know in the comments!

Home Goods

I wanted to also share this barefoot dreams blanket that I snuggle with every evening is more than half off. Also my ugg house slippers in a glittery version is on super sale here. I did order these for myself since I feel like regular uggs never go on sale and I have been wanting this color in short for years!! Uggs last FOREVER, the ones I wear are from my Sophomore year of high school (10+yrs ago). I remember saving up for them and thought I was the coolest person having uggs. Lol still years later I am a fan!