Pack With Me for Cabo!

This weekend the fam and I are heading to Cabo with Katy and Sean to celebrate the one year anniversary of my mom’s passing. It’s been a wild year and we wanted to get away and take some time to all be together and remember my mom. I can’t wait for some relaxation and sunshine! I was in the process of packing for me and the kids and thought I would show y’all some things I’m bringing and how I (try to) stay organized. Hope this gives you some inspo and helps you pack for your next trip!

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I wish I could say I was super organized when it comes to my process for packing but for this busy mama that’s just not true haha. It’s a miracle if I remember to pack every single thing for everyone, but I do try to follow some sort of method to make sure we have all of the important things!

  • I try to start writing a list in my planner of everything I know I’ll need for myself and for the kids the week before I leave. This lets me know what things I need to order so they’ll get here in time. I like to keep this list handy while I’m packing so I can make sure I pack all of the necessities
  • Once I get any online orders in, I’ll start to pull all of the clothes I’m thinking of bringing so I can start styling some outfits. I usually pack for the kids first, and then myself last! Ted’s on his own haha
  • While styling outfits, I’ll try on most of them to make sure I actually like them before they go in my bag
  • When it comes to packing my suitcase, I really don’t have a tried and true process. I usually use the same luggage and try to fold things as nicely as I can into travel cubes to save some space. Pro tip: always pack a travel steamer to iron your wrinkly clothes once you get to your hotel!
  • The last thing I do is pack my carry-on bag and add in anything I need the day of traveling like my toiletries. I’ll pack all of my jewelry into a little travel case and throw it in this bag along with baby essentials like sunscreen, extra diapers, and anything else to keep the babies happy and entertained at the airport and on the plane!

Need some beach vacation inspo? Here are a few things I’m packing!

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