OG Blanket Scarf

LUV_6212 LUV_6202 LUV_6216 LUV_6206 LUV_6200 LUV_6208Jeans: Topshop | Tee: Madewell | Blanket Scarf: Target & Amazon  | Booties: Vince Camuto

One of my favorite causual looks is a plane jane outfit with a cute scarf. I got this blanket scarf “the original blanket scarf” last year but I found similar options here at target. I am going to be honest, seeing this scarf over and over makes me not like this scarf. I am not a fan of overused looks BUT I can get over it when this blanket scarf is so darn comfy and goes with any outfit. I am in love with these jeans that have the cutest cuts in the knees. It has been such a staple this season and I want more lol

Thanks for stopping by lovelies. Today hubby & I are going to do some exploring in Dallas. We decided to come to Dallas since we were planning a get away but flights looked booked and we didn’t want to risk missing Thanksgiving. So since Thanksgiving is meant to be with family we thought it was approporiate to come to Dallas to be with our cousins. Have a Happy Turkey Tuesday!

XX,Dede Raad