Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks + $1000 Giveaway

Y’all, there are SO many good finds for the anniversary sale! Today is early access sale for Nordstrom cardholders (will open to the public July 21st) and I couldn’t be more excited! It literally feels like Christmas morning to me. I wanted to share my absolutely favorite picks during my first trip to shop the sale. Since I live like walking distance to the Nordstrom, I am sure I won’t be able to resist and will be shopping the sale the entire time. I promise to share all the goods! I found a lot of items for a steal of a price. I also will be sharing these items on insta stories for you to see it live AND I decided to add the video to this post so you can refer to it all sale long. Especially for the public sale!

If you have sizing or any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out! I also have a gift at the end of the post!

Dress: WAYF | Earrings: Bauble Bar

I was blown away by how many questions I got about this midi dress. Seriously THE CUTEST! Under $100 and def a Nordstrom Sale find!

Dress Up Buttercup Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

White Dress: Pleione | Booties: Steve Madden | Bag: Sole Society

Well, I thought this was a dress while trying it on but online says its a tunic. Either way, I love it as a dress and the bow back detail! You can wear it all year long! This bag is also an adorable leopard print. Ted is not a fan of leopard print so adding it to my wardrobe is one of the only fixes I can get!

Top: Two by Vince Camuto | Jeans: Caslon | Boots: Hinge | Bag: Sole Society (video: 00:18)

I was hesitant about this top but this might be my favorite look from the sale. Isn’t that crazy when that happens? It is the softest thing I have ever put on and a flattering spin on the classic flannel. I love the wash on these jeans but be sure to size down. I am wearing a 25 and it was pretty big!

Dress Up Buttercup Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Top: Caslon  | Cardigan: Halogen | Jeans: Caslon | Boots: Hinge | Bag: Sole Society (video: 00:49)

This cardigan had to be the winner of the bunch. SO SOFT. I would literally replace my home robe for this babe. It is on sale for $64! This top is also CLEARLY a winner during my trip since its in every other picture haha! You can never have enough white tees especially when it is under $20!

Dress Up Buttercup Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Top: Caslon | Jeans: Articles of Society | Boots: Hinge | Bag: Sole Society (video 1:02)

Literally another one of my favorites! This chambray top is SO SOFT and breathable. Nothing screams fall like some chambray and booties!

Dress Up Buttercup Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Skirt: Blank NYC | Sweater: Love By Design | Booties: Steve Madden | Clutch: All Saints – need to go in the store for bag (video 1:20)

I actually styled this skirt last year and thought it was so fun that it is back! I did buy it full price last season because remember after the sale, items go back to normal price. I don’t see this skirt lasting the entire sale since its DARLING so be sure to grab it fast if you have your eye on it!

Jacket: Charles Gray London | Shoes: Steve Madden 

Who doesn’t love a good trumpet sleeve black coat. This babe is under $200 and I felt total boss babe!

Top: Caslon | Jeans | Scarf: Madewell | Boots: Halogen (video 2:04)

My go to outfit during fall or the transitional period. These boots were a STEAL. I don’t think they will last long. My absolute favorites!! It also comes in black and a little over $100.

Dress Up Buttercup Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Top: Halogen | Jeans | Boots: Halogen (video 2:28)

I thought this was such  cute spin of a sweater. Lots and lots of pink and pastels will be around this fall! I feel like my entire dressing room was full of light colors which makes me so excited for!

Dress Up Buttercup Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Top: Caslon | Jacket: Bernardo | Jeans | Boots: Halogen (video 2:30)

Ummmm this has to be the best leather jacket around. The color is BOMB and so is the sale price. I would wear this outfit like everyday if I could!

Top: Gibson | Jeans| Shoes: Blondo | Earrings: Bauble Bar 

Top: Caslon | Jeans | Shoes: Addidas

If there is one shoe I squealed about, it would have been these shoes. YALL the color is perfection in person. The picture and video does not do it justice. I have been looking for a pair for a while!

Jumper | Bag

This was one of those finds where I squealed when I found it on the rack. I mean how timeless is a black jumper that we can think of a million different places to wear this too. Everyone LOVED the last jumper I shared and this one is under $100!

Below is my insta stories explaining all the items that I tried on! This way you can go back and refer to the videos even after 24 hours. Or for those who don’t have Instagram!


Everything you see on Insta stories or above is linked in the widget below to make it easier! Happy shopping darlings!


PS As a thank you, and as a “Merry Nordstrom Sale”, I wanted to do a $1000 Nordstrom gift card giveaway BECAUSE YOU ALL ARE MORE AMAZING THAN I CAN EVER IMAGINE! I really am so grateful and undeserving! There will be 3 lucky winners, a $500 and two $250 gift cards to Nordstrom to shop on public access day.  Be sure to check back here on the 21st to see who the winner is!

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  1. I would love to get a new bag! I love the Tory Burch Frida Leather Hobo (Nordstrom Exclusive).

  2. Love your picks Dede!! I want to purchase the Blank NYC Moto Jacket and a few of the basic Lush tees!

  3. Love your picks! I’m going to try on most of what you picked when I get the chance. I’m definitely going to buy the leather jacket and try on the plaid top. I don’t have any plaid tops but love me some off the shoulder <3

  4. I am loving all of your picks! Definitely want to get my hands on the off the shoulder plaid top, peplum shirt, and tie hem sweater! Love watching your try ons!

  5. Such a great post! My top favorite items are the Madewell cardigan, Halogen boots, and of course the WAYF midi dress. Hoping to find a cropped denim jacket.

  6. This was the best roundup that I’ve read today! I’m moving to Scotland in September so I was searching for some clothes to keep this Texas girl warm. I’ve made three orders today already (oops) but bought the black sweater, OTK boots, scarf, adidas and white t-shirt. Thanks, Dede!

    1. Scotland! How cool! Ted and I have always wanted to go 🙂 Yes, you will definitely need to keep warm up there, especially if you are like me and used to the Texas heat haha. Thanks for following along girl!

      xx Dede

  7. Found your blog by your YouTube video! I was waiting for someone to have those halogen boots and you had amazing pics for the sale. new follower here 🙂

  8. I’ve already shopped the sale this morning, but may have to go back again after seeing you try on that pink coat. Love!

    1. Haha you definitely should! It’s always a good idea to order it online and pick up at the store, since items seem to be selling out fast! Let me know how it turns out! Thanks for following along 🙂

      xx Dede

  9. Cannot wait to shop some of these! Everything you have posted is to die for!

  10. Love all of your picks! Thanks for the great ideas! I definitely added the Hinge Boots to my shopping bag as well as a few of the tops & sweaters.

  11. Love all of your picks! Thanks for the great ideas! I definitely added the Hinge Boots to my shopping bag as well as a few of the tops & sweaters.

  12. Loving all of your #Nsale finds! Really hoping to get my hands on some of these items before they are sold out!!

  13. Honestly I should stop following your blog – it’s bad for my wallet!!! Broke college girl probs. I am loving all of your finds! Love love love the Carlson chambray peplum top, buying it, the $25 sweater, and the Carlson white tee for sure – also have my eye on the leather jacket and gray over the knee boots!!! greats steals I WANT IT ALL. keep rocking xoxoxo

  14. LOVE YOUR FINDS! I have my appointment tomorrow so ill be sure to find this stuff! I’m not a big online shopper just because I’m very skeptical about how it’ll actually look but you make it so much easier for me!

  15. My favorite time of year and you always have the best finds!! Thanks for sharing all of these!! My favorites are the blue dress and black jumper! I am getting married next spring so those might need to make an appearance for a shower!!

  16. Buying those addidas kicks ad chambray peplum as soon as the nordstrom site goes back up!!! Love your picks!!!

  17. Obsessing over that Bernardo jacket and wanting all the cardigans, all so cute!! Thanks for sharing your picks!!

  18. Loved all of your picks! Can’t wait to shop the sale with all of your suggestions in mind 🙂

  19. Love your picks! I can not wait to order some! Thank you for breaking it down for us!

  20. I’m seriously in love with your picks! I’m heading to the sale to get all of these! ? You’re my style inspiration!

  21. I love the Halogen cardigan, it looks so comfy. I also love seeing your insta stories and getting your take on the fit of clothes since we have a similar build. Thanks!

  22. Crushing on what you found! Need all the boots and jackets forsure! I can’t wait to shop I’m an employee so I have to wait until public sale

  23. Such great finds and I love your style! I can’t wait to pick up some fall essentials.

  24. Dede! You’re the sweetest inspiration in the blogging world. Truly a light when it can get a little crummy at times. I love all your picks for the sale! I am so excited to shop on July 21.. I am setting the alarm FOR SURE! haha, poor hubby. Thank you for doing this unbelievably sweet giveaway, you truly love all your readers! Keep being amazing lovely!

  25. OMG, seriously amazing finds!!! Thanks for the quick turnaround on this blog post, it is SUPER helpful <3 <3 <3 Happy shopping!

  26. You are seriously my fashion inspo!! I can’t get enough of your blog and your picks are so cute. I want them all! Definitely gave me an idea on what to shop for! Xoxo

  27. Love all your picks from the sale! Can’t wait to shop myself and find all these cute fall options! 🙂

  28. You struck gold! All of it is so cute. I love the pink shoes, definitely my first purchase of the sale! Thanks for sharing with us, this helps navigate the sale so much. XOXO btw, you looked amazing in the black jumper, you go girl!

      1. I folow you daily on instagram. Love your style. I think I’ll stack up on all the boots in this review!!

  29. I just moved to Houston from NYC and I’m so thankful I found your blog! Love your style! All of the earrings you post are amazing I can’t wait to get them! The WAYF dress is adorable and I love the Halogen boots. Thanks for putting up the video to help get a better look!!!

  30. Girl! This review is AMAZING! Thank you x1000 for all the ladies who don’t live close to a store and can’t try on! Such a blessing! Love all these outfits, but that black jumper is flawless!

    1. So so so sweet! I’m so glad that this has been helpful! Let me know anytime you have any questions. And the black jumper is my favorite! Thanks for following along 🙂

      xx Dede

  31. I love all your picks! So many great staple pieces. Definitely gave me the inspiration I needed this morning to wake up early and shop. Thank you!

  32. Girl! This review is AMAZING! Thank you x1000 for all the ladies who don’t live close to a store and can’t try on! Such a blessing! Love all these outfits, but that black jumper is flawless!

  33. AHHH! I’m swooning over every single outfit! I loved every single find but especially liked the light blue chambray blouse and leather jacket; because I need a new leather jacket. But that black jumper…. ugh do I need to say more ?! It’s just perfect!

    Thanks for posting and sharing Dede.

  34. LOVE the white tunic/dress!!! Headed to Nordstrom today and that’s on my list!! ❤️

    1. I love it too! And just an FYI – to make sure that it’s not sold out, be sure to order online and choose “pick up at the store”! The best way to get what you want faster 🙂 Thanks for following along! It means the world!

      xx Dede

  35. Totally snagging up that off the shoulder flannel! Love all your picks from the sale!

  36. Oh my gosh, you’re seriously the cutest!! Can’t wait to start shopping for all of the fall pieces!

  37. Thanks for sharing SO many great finds for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!! I absolutely love the gray Halogen boots!

  38. I seriously can’t wait to purchase that black jumper! It is amazing and would be perfect for my bachelorette weekend.

    I love your blog and live in Houston so it definitely helps me purchase items that are fitting to the weather here.

  39. Living for your insta stories! This is my first time shopping the sale and you have helped so much! Loving all the pink too!

  40. LOVING your all your picks!!! I will definitely have my eye on these! I also love all your insta videos! You have great taste!

  41. Have been looking for a cheetah print clutch like that for so long! Obsessed with the print!

  42. That black romper is to die for. I’ve ordered several over the last few weeks that just haven’t worked out and I can’t wait to order that one. You’re beautiful, it’s beautiful, xoxo!

  43. Love how you styled your head to toe Nord sale picks! Love the suede skirt, white flouncy dress, & the peplum chambray! Eeeek! So excited to shop!

  44. LOVE LOVE LOVE your picks! This sale started on my birthday so im so excited to shop your picks and spoil myself!

  45. Love your style! I can always count on you to have a Texas based outfit because of the heat!! I am thinking about ordering the Pleione tunic or the Halogen cardigan! Thanks for sharing your Nordstrom favorites!!

  46. Love all the picks you’ve chosen. Planning on getting the Halogen boots. ?

  47. I love all your pics. There is definitely something for every occasion which I love. And how do you look amazing in everything you put on? The black romper is fab! Thanks for the great suggestions!!

  48. I am obsessed with that midi dress! And the white bell sleeve tunic… putting those in my shopping cart right now!

  49. Love the chambray top so much! Hopeful for a good pair of black jeans too!

  50. You’re adorable! I live all of your picks from the sale but my number one (so far) is the Vince Camuto off the shoulder flannel! I’m loving the off the shoulder trend and I want to take it through fall and this flannel is the perfect way!

  51. I LOVE your insta-story try ons! They’re the best! Thanks for filing my wish list for me!

  52. LOVING all yours picks! I’m always excited to see what you find because its not always the same staples as all the others! can’t wait to shop everything on my wishlist! (which may have to be narrowed down…oops!)

  53. I absolutely love your blog! You have the best style inspo and an amazing eye for fashion, not to mention everything just looks so cute on you 🙂 I always look forward to all your IG stories 🙂

  54. my fav thing last year was stocking up on the basic tees – just like that white one! already added to my cart 🙂

  55. Absolutely love the Charles Gray London boss babe coat!! It would be PERFECT to add to work wardrobe! ?

  56. I definitely love the that jumper! It’s the perfect fall piece ❤️? It’s super cute! But I’m also such a plain Jane that I love the rounded V-Neck so I can style it with Jeans & or shorts. So cute girlie! You look great in everything!

  57. I love all of these outfits!! Already adding to my bag on some of those cute tops and shoes thank you so much for sharing!!!

  58. Yaaaaas girl! You killed it. I’m buying 3 pair of tennis shoes and a few boots and booties! Have to stock up while the deals are so good!!! Thank you for your round ups, they’re amazing <3 That jumper is soooo dreamy too!!

  59. Yaaaaas girl! You killed it. I’m buying 3 pair of tennis shoes and a few boots and booties! Have to stock up while the deals are so good!!! Thank you for your round ups, they’re amazing <3

  60. Totally obsessed with all of the items, but if I had to pick one, I’d have to say the pale pink tie sweater by halogen! As a fellow Houstonian, It’s been so fun to follow your blog journey! Moving back home soon (currently live in DC) and would love to connect!

  61. love all of your pics!! I already have the Caslon chambray top in my cart with the hinge booties ???

  62. I love the leather jacket and off the shoulder top!! I’m definitely going to snap those!!!

  63. love all these picks! but especially love the video–i prefer these over pictures! super helpful!

  64. I’m obsessed with all your #Nsale fall finds!! That Charles gray London black coat is perfect nice events this winter–totally need!!! And the beenardo leather coat is a fall staple and looks sooo cute on you! All these outfits are giving me life!! ??? Thanks for the great run down of the Nordstrom anniversary sale!

    Xx, Caitlin Eason

  65. All of these outfits are sooo cute! I hope I can get my hands on that brown leather jacket!!!! So good, thanks❤️?

  66. So many good options! But I love that Halogen cardigan and the chambray top, must have!!

  67. Dede, I fell in love with you as my wedding coordinator! It’s been so fun to watch you shine in your blog! Love all of your pics 🙂 can’t wait to shop all morning. Xoxo

      1. Dede, my browser keeps saying failed to load so I am going to comment here. You are an inspiration to me because you have such an eye for fashion! You have a fun, bold, feminine style that I absolutely love. I especially like the black over the knee boots you tried on with your skinny jeans because they make you look like you have Nike long legs! Your outfit with the taupe sweater and camel colored booties is a great go to outfit with both style and comfort. I look forward to seeing how you piece together your outfits this fall!

        1. Oh my gosh! You are the sweetest thing ever! It means the world to me for you to be following along. I love hearing your favorites! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

          xx Dede Raad

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