Hit or Miss of the Week: Folex

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This is a holy grail product that has been in my family for years! It can handle so many different stains and having white furniture all over the house Folex is an absolute must. It’s a non-toxic stain remover and instantly makes spots disappear!

I’ve used it on so many different surfaces and it honestly works like magic. Even before having Rosie, this was a must have! Now having her, there are messes made all of the time and this stuff makes me


  • Can remove dark stains
  • Non-toxic
  • Affordable stain remover $11 at Amazon ($6 in store at Lowe’s)
  • East to use
  • Instant removal


  • I have, from some that on some surfaces, the Folex leaves a water mark ring when removing stains
  • Again hasn’t happened to me, but read reviews & some said that it lifted the color of the surface. (Always spot test to make sure this doesn’t happen!)

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  1. This stuff got years’ old ‘slime’ out of my daughter’s carpet when we sold our house. I thought we would need to replace the carpet, but a $6 BOTTLE of folex saved the day! Thanks for the recommendation, dede!

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