Go To Primer Product

Primer: YSL  | Foundation: Estee Lauder | Bronzer: Tom Ford

I have shared on a lot about my dry skin issues throughout this pregnancy so I thought I’d give a little update! Before pregnancy, I was pretty blessed with good skin. I mean of course some pimples here and there and I’m sure everyone hates their pores, but for the most part, I didn’t have a lot of complaints. Now that I’m pregnant I have had so many issues and have had to change a lot about what I use, especially with makeup! The one product that has been a constant for me before and during pregnancy is this YSL Primer. It makes such a big difference, especially now that I have really dry skin. When I forgot to put it on before my makeup I can completely tell. For me, it really keeps my makeup on throughout the day and less splotchy. I have actually tried a lot of other primers (different brands) per friends suggestions but this is still my favorite. I plan on sharing more about my skin on Instagram stories so you can follow along there and comment any of your questions below!