Giving Tuesday 2020

I know this weekend has been full of shopping and sales and deals but I wanted to take a second to change the subject and focus on something even better today. Today is “Giving Tuesday” so I wanted to share with you all a few non-profits that giveaway winners have chosen and a couple that are close to my heart. A good resource to use when donating is the Charity Navigator and Charity Watch Dog to see how the organization is rated.

Giveaway Winner Charity Choices

As part of my monthly giveaways, I ask the winners to send me a charity that is close to their heart. Being able to donate on you guys behalf has been one of my absolute favorite things! To enter just come and hang out with me on Instagram and like all the photos for the month!

This year, in honor of my mom, we planned a virtual 5k. It was truly amazing seeing you guys participate from all over the US and share who yall were running for. Together, we raised over $4,000 for breast cancer research! You can read more about it here as well as a couple breast cancer organizations that we looked into for Breast Cancer Awareness month. – this is the charity we are fundraising through for our 5k. They are highly rated and focus their research and support for a lot of different areas. They make it easy to create your own fundraiser which I think is so awesome! – this is one I just recently learned about but love their mission. They focus their research on stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. That means when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, which is what happened with my mom. I’m happy to know there is an organization that is researching this specifically! They are also a top rated charity on Charity Navigator!


“H.O.M.E”, It’s an acronym for “Health Outreach to the Middle East” and they are a Christian Medical Missions organization that focuses on providing medical assistance in the impoverished areas in the Middle East. Ted and I went with them on a mission trip a few years ago and I was absolutely moved just seeing the areas that everyone lives in and honestly, it just puts everything in perspective here and I just love the hearts of those people there. My Father-In-Law is the founder of this organization, and 100% of proceeds go straight to the mission field!

Here is a link to donate:

More information about H.O.M.E. is here:

A 2nd Cup

This is one I have loved for a while now. Half of the proceeds of my closet sale went to them. As some of you might know, Houston is a major hub for human trafficking and there are so many organizations trying to bring awareness and fight the cause.

“A 2nd Cup” is a non-profit coffee shop doing their part to fight human-trafficking. As a coffee shop they raise awareness about human-trafficking occurring in Houston and provide a place in the community where people can gather and take positive action against trafficking. They also raise funds to support aftercare solutions for survivors of human-trafficking, including counseling, mentoring, work-experience and education.

Here is a link to donate:

More information about “A 2nd Cup” is here:

Kids Meals

Ok just one more! I went to an event for “Kids Meals” and didn’t realize the number of children 5 years and younger at risk of experiencing food insecurity is 21.4% in the U.S.!! Guys, my heart melted and it hurts to think that my belly is full but there are children who don’t know when their next meal will be. There will be more information below on their mission and I hope you will do what you can!

Here is a link to Donate:

More information about “Kids Meals”: