Gift Guides 2021: Hostess With The Mostest

Capri Blue Candle | Mike’s Hot Honey Set | Aesop | Tiered Cupcake Stand | Marble Coasters | Cookbook Holder/Cutting Board | Round Serving Tray Stand | 3 Tiered Serving Stand | Tissue Box Covers | Amber Soap Dispenser | Cloche With Matches | Tom Ford Coffee Table Book | Magnolia Table

Aesoap Hand Soap: Not only does this stuff smell good but it’s so moisturizing! I’ve been gifted this before and am so excited every time I get it. Makes your bathroom feel like you’re at a spa!

Wood Serving Bowl: This bowl is extra large and is perfect for salads! Looks so pretty on the table and great quality so would be a really thoughtful gift for someone who hosts a lot of gatherings.

Charcuterie Board Set: Not only is this a charcuterie board, but also a hidden knife set, and comes with serving bowls! I feel like it’s easy to forget bowls for dips and knives for the cheeses when you’re putting together a charcuterie board, and this one has all you need!

Capri Blue Pumpkin Dolce Candle: This is literally fall in candle form lol. I absolutely love this smell—I have the candle in a few different sizes throughout the house! Capri Blue candles are some of the best out there and are such a classic gift.