Floral Wrap Dress

Dress: Billabong | Heels: Treasure & Bond | Bag: (Similiar) | Earrings: Lisa Lerch

Since this dress is for a steal of a price, and it’s so perfect in all of the right places, I couldn’t wait to share it! I love that it is long sleeves but a soft cotton material so I wasn’t hot and the material is super breathable. I feel like this time of year wherever you may be, the temperature is never just right! Probably why this dress stole my heart and I am also obsessed with the color + print! The wrap dress + the hem ruffle also makes it super flattering!

I absolutely love sharing dresses this time of year and from the back end of things, you all love dresses as well! It is definitely the highlight of the year for me to share my favorite dresses for all sorts of occasions! In the next couple of days, I will have a review on our trip here in 30a and more vacation outfit inspo! I so appreciate you stopping by today. Like you have no earthly idea how much it means to me, so thank you!