Crushing On New Years Eve Dresses

      1. Crushing On New Years Eve Dresses


  1. Satin Faux Wrap Dress:  This color plus satin is pure genius. Perfect little wrap dress to wear underneath a coat

2. Sequin Midi Dress: I feel like you would stop girls on the street with this dress. So darling!

3. Metallic Knit Dress: You can’t go wrong with a metallic dress during this time of the year!

4. Lace Dress: Even if you’re not a bride, something about a white dress is different / fresh for the New Year

5. Strapless Jumpsuit: This babe is selling out fast and I exactly know why! The last burgundy silk romper I posted sold out over night so I can’t imagine this one staying for long!

6. Sparkle Romper: I absolutely love how sparkles on this one! I would pick a romper over a dress anytime anyways!

7. Velvet Dress:  I just got an order in and 3/6 peices where velvet. OPPS clearly I have a mad crush on it!

8. One Shoulder Romper:  Such a festive romper and the perfect metallic shimmy!

9. Embroidered Dress: How can you say no to this dress?!