Crushing on Gingham

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  1. Capulet
  2. Capulet
  3. Lovers + Friends
  4. I Heart Ronson
  5. Kendal + Kylie (sale)
  6. Topshop
  7. Solid + Striped
  8. Madewell (sale)

Welcome to #buttercupcrush Tuesday. If you have been following along on my Instagram, you may have noticed I wore gingham twice over the weekend. Tis’ the season of gingham and I am oh so excited about it! I am rounding up some darling dresses, swimsuits, rompers, off the shoulder gingham. I love doing #buttercupcrushes because you necessarily don’t need to purchase these items but start to keep an eye out when you are shopping and in your own wardrobe! This shift gingham is on sale and I would probably rock it everyday this summer if I owned it.

Can you all believe we hit the middle of May?! Sumer time is ticking and I am mind blown that we are not only in the middle of May but have hit the middle of 2016. Holly bajeebers it really has flown by. & tomorrow I am hosting an event that I am so excited for! If you missed yesterdays post, I am hosting an Elaine Turner event at Market Square from 6-8. I would love to see you there!