Crushing on Embroidery

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 2.22.20 PM

  1. Endless Rose
  2. Topshop
  3. Freepeople (on sale)
  4. Freepeople (3 colors)
  5. Glamorous 
  6. Starmela
  7. Freepeople 
  8. GB (sale)
  9. Nightwalker 

So if you have been following for some time now, you know I have been reserving Tuesdays for my #buttercupcrush series. I love rounding up my favorite crushes/ trends happening. This week I bring to you embroidery. I think this trend was inspired by Cinco De Mayo being last week. Walking the streets of any Central South America city, you will find hand embroidered colorful tops such as these. I am loving the details embroidery has to offer and especially this time of year. Giving it a fresh combo! You can see that I choose a few  Free People items because of course they have a lot of this style. I have seen this particular dress all over the internet and luckily it is now on sale. I am loving this off the shoulder top that also comes in a few other colors.

Thanks for stopping by love bugs! My to do list is the size of a football field and I have a full day today. We got back yesterday and had a splurge day of How to Get Away with Murderer. We like to call it the travel hang over. It has been a full week since I have touched my bed so it feels oh so good to be back! Now to get my booty back in the gym is the next step.