Crushing on Cactus Print

First came polka dots, then came cactus print. I mean who doesn’t love a good ol cactus print? I got weirdly fascinated with cactus’s in Cabo when I saw GIANT ones for the first time. They are the cutest little things and can be found on just about anything. I am extremely obsessed with this sweater, which is already sold out on all other websites, and these pj shorts. I definitely need to make a Target order for this mat bc look at that price! Oh and neck scarves are also what I have been crushing on and a huge trend at the moment.

What print do you think will come next? Happy Thursday babes! I am off to the RS conference and couldn’t be more excited! I shared yesterday on IG stories some of the items that came in that I am packing so be sure to watch that here, before times up!