Black Romper for a Black Day

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Would you believe me if I said I have had this romper since High School?! I seriously can’t believe I have had this romper for years and years but I have a point to make with it. It is one of two of my oldest items in my closet. I remember splurging ($50 was splurging in HS and still can be for me) but boy am I so stinking glad I did. I say this because I tend to love shopping at places that has fairly price items for a great price but I also love paying a little more for some staples I know I will wear again and again and again. I also am huge on just throwing on a staple and head out the door. So you may have noticed I wear a lot of dresses/rompers because A) I love dresses B) they are the easiest to throw on and style in a hurry && God knows I am always in a hurry for some reason. I also am all about comfort and dresses/rompers make me feel so free. Stupid pants restrict me lol I am so weird – I already know.

& I want to apologize for those whom have clicked on these darling earrings in advance but they are not available. I hate when that happens and I am so sorry! I know some girls that have been made a trip to H&M and they are still there so I would recommend going and snagging these twelve buck earrings while you can!

On a personal note: today is the day of my fathers unexpected passing four years ago. I remember the day like it was yesterday. It plays a huge part of my testimony that soon I will share. I remember being at Pine Cove camp where Ted picked me up to come home to a nightmare… Dad was healthy as can be and was at my baby sisters high school graduation the night before. I am so thankful for the time the Lord gave me with him on earth because man he was such an awesome guy. I can’t wait to celebrate with him again in Heaven. For now, sister and I have a ritual of going to the beach since that is our favorite pass time with him. I really hope the rain doesn’t ruin our plans. If you ever need anyone to talk about by losing a loved one, know I am here! I am a firm believer that God allows certain situations to happen in our life to be shared with and prayed over with others. It’s also weird getting so personal so I apologize in advance for those who think so.


6 thoughts on “Black Romper for a Black Day

  1. Love this look on you gorgeous and thank you for sharing your story. I know he’s watching over you so proud. Love you girly! Xo, Roselyn

  2. Your stellar style pales in comparison to your stellar heart. I always enjoy your blog, but I am extra thankful for your vulnerability to share here. He was such an amazing guy and can definitely still be found in you and Katy.

    1. AHH CARLY you literally are the sweetest. Thank you boo for following along & for your sweet words. They mean so much!

  3. I love what you said “God allows certain situations to happen in our life to be shared with and prayed over with others”. Praying one day I can be as brave and vulnerable as you are. I love your blogs and I’ve secretly been reading them for months!

    -xoxo Tanish

    1. Ahh Tanisha!! Love you sweet girl. This literally made my day. Thank you so much for following along & for the sweetest comment of all

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