All About Styling the Bump

Updating this blog since I have been getting so many questions on pregnancy style! Trying to include sizing a tips that are helpful for you guys. I had so much fun styling my bump throughout my pregnancy! I actually didn’t buy a lot of maternity pieces at all. I really liked getting creative and just sizing up in things to fit the bump. I’ve included some of my favorite looks below!

Midi Skirts

Midi skirts were a go to, especially far along. They are easy to throw on and actually comfortable to wear throughout the day. You can pair with a tank, tee, or sweater for when it gets colder. This style looks so put together that no one would know you barely tried! 

Jacket(similar**sale) | Tank(large) | Skirt-medium(full color & sizes here)

Top-actually a dress(Medium)**sale | Skirt(Small)**sale | Shoes
Tee(Medium) | Skirt-similar option(Small)
Top | Skirt(similar) | Shoes
Tee(similar) | Skirt | Shoes


Bodycons are another favorite for the bump since they stretch and fit easily. They really show the bump and that something I really like about them. I think what a women’s body does during pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I’m proud to show it off! You can also style them so many different ways. A lot of time I liked just the simple bodycon with some accessories but I also could wear them underneath a skirt or put a tee or sweater on top like I did below!

Jacket(similar) | Dress(small) | Shoes | Hat

Dress(Large) | Button Down

Dress(similar option-Small) | Booties | Hat(similar option)
Dress(small) | Shoes
Dress(similar– small) | Sweater-sold out
Top(similar) | Dress(small)**sale


Before pregnancy I never really found myself grabbing a pair of overalls to put on but now I think they are so adorable with the bump! They were one of the only ways I wore shorts during this pregnancy!

Overalls (medium)| Tank(small)**sale
Overalls(similar-medium, maybe size up for this similar amazon) | Tank**sale | Shoes**sale
Overalls (medium)| Top **sale| Shoes


When in doubt just throw on a maxi and you’re good to go for the day! This is probably the easiest style to put together and again super comfy all day. Can style a lot of different ways, I like to throw on a belt with the bump if it doesn’t have a cinched waist!

Dress(similar-small) | Bralette | Shoes | Belt
Dress(small) | Shoes | Sunglasses