Afternoon Walks

Top| Shoes

Alright guys this is gonna sound a little crazy and might show how long we’ve been stuck in the house lol. Ted and I go on our daily walks and always see this pretty bush. So today I put on this top and was so excited to go take a picture by my favorite bush. Ok typing it out def think I’ve lost it hahah. Anywho, I do think getting ready for the day makes me feel so much more productive and brightens my mood. Even just a pair of denim shorts and cute top!

I grabbed a few other things that are included below and will be sharing on stories! I have been dying over all the new summer pieces Nordstrom Rack has on their site. I know that I’ll probably just be wearing them around the house for now but that’s good enough for me!  One of my favorite things about shopping at Nordstrom Rack is that the quality and material of items are always so great but still affordable. I can always go for a good deal so that’s probably why I continue to shop there year after year. Their stuff does go quickly though so if you like something I would checkout then instead of keeping in your cart for a couple days and coming back to it. I feel like I have made that mistake too many times before lol.  Plus, all dresses and jumpsuits are 30% till May 16th!

Thank You Nordstrom Rack For Partnering on This Post