A Little Sparkle







Shirt: Jcrew | Skirt: TopShop  (SALE)  | Shoes:  Christian Louboutin  | Bag: Sole Society

For the New Year I always like to bring out my best. This year husband got me red soles for Christmas and I am obsessed! He gave them to me before Christmas and I wore them all weekend and surprisingly they were SO comfortable. Growing up I always thought that the higher the heel, the better you look but in reality, it’s not practical to walk around in 6 inch heels. I finally found a good height for heels where I will actually grab and wear them! I found these babes at Nordstrom and love that they carry such high-end designer items! I always wait until I purchase a designer item from Nordstrom to use a triple points day!

Another red sole shoe tip that I shared on my IG stories over the weekend, is that I get a red rubber on the sole of my shoe to protect the red from chipping. I called around like 5 shoe stores in Houston and they all would do it / knew what I was talking about. I just picked the one that would do it the fastest! It’s honestly a rubber sticker that they glue to the top of the shoe and you can see it a little in the last photo! My first red bottom shoes, no one told me and they are all chipped up, so I hope this helps!