Swim Round Up

One-piece: Tularosa

One-piece: Billabong 

Top: Lolli | Bottoms: Lolli 

My Swim // Top: Flagpole | Bottoms: Flagpole

Lauren’s Swim // Onepiece: Topshop

Top: Isabella Rose | Bottoms: Tularosa

One-Piece: Asos

One-Piece: J.Crew 

One-Piece: Topshop

My Swim \\ One-Piece: Topshop

Emily’s Swim \\ One-Piece: Tularosa

Top: Beach Riot | Bottoms: Beach Riot

My Swim // One-Piece: Tularosa

Jessica’s Swim // One-Piece: Chelsea28

Top: Isabella Rose | Bottoms: Isabella Rose

One-Piece: Tularosa

One-Piece: Isabella Rose

Top: Isabella Rose | Bottoms: Isabella Rose

Top: Marysia  | Bottoms: Marysia

Top: Tularosa | Bottoms: Tularosa

One-Piece: Rhythm

Top: Tularosa | Bottoms: Tularosa

Swim: Goodnight Macaroon

Hi guys!! I thought it would be fun to round up all the swims I’ve worn this year and share them with you today! Happy Monday!!