Sprucing up the Home

I’ve been trying to spruce up the house with little things here and there and found so many trendy and affordable items at H&M. I’ve never looked much into their home section, but so so cute! Rounded up a bunch of random items that make your home feel like its from a magazine. It’s all about the details!

  1. Wooden planter ($24.99) – House plants have been all over the internet lately! Not sure I can commit to a real one yet, but still wanted to add some more greenery in the house. Right now I just have one really tall artificial fiddle leaf plant in the kitchen. This planter is made of wood giving it a natural and neutral look. The pot is small (6 in wide, 7 in tall)  and would probably fit well with a small fern like this guy.
  2. Pot on Pedestal  ($24.99) – This planter is stunning! I love how smooth and reflective it is and the gold adds such a nice pop of glam in your home. Plus, planters on pedestals is all the rave right now. This guy is also pretty small (7 in wide, 8 in tall) but would probably fit well with a more vertical plant like a snake plant! These apparently require little light and low maintenance (my kinda plant!!)
  3. Basket ($34.99) – You know you’re getting old when you get excited about a laundry basket.. but look how cute! It’s the jute material I’ve been loving lately and it comes in so many pretty colors – the rose and black are stunning!! This would be pretty in a bathroom for dirty towels.
  4. Bath Mat ($24.99) – Thought this would look great in my black half bathroom that I still need to decorate! Simple pattern that comes in all the pretty neutral colors.
  5. Basket with Handles ($12.99) | Basket ($9.99) – Gold baskets could be used literally anywhere in the house. I’m thinking this could be god for hair tools, pantry organization, stacking clean towels for a bathroom, literally anything!!!
  6. Cheese Knives ($14.99) – I think you’re starting to get a feel for my color palette at this point…. haha but really, you can’t have a cute cheese board without some pretty cheese knives to go along! Love the handles on these + the color.
  7. Marble Vase ($34.99) – Love love love this black marble. A few pops of flowers or even those dried rabbit tail flowers would look perf in these in a bathroom or coffee table.
  8. Porcelain Cup ($9.99) – Plain little cup with a pop of gold! Can’t go wrong with this guy.
  9. Metal Cake Stand ($19.99) – Pretty little cake stand for all the baked goods!
  10. Teaspoons ($9.99) | Bowls ($3.49) | Plates ($3.99) – Every one of these is so gorg! My aunt would kill me for getting black plates but something about the matte look is just so pretty and feels like you’re eating at a fancy restaurant!