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Overalls: Here | Shirt: Here | Hunteboots: Here

How easy is this costume? Pretty easy I’ll tell ya! All I had to do was find some overalls (snagged some cute ones above from Amazon) threw on a flannel, added some Hunter boots & WALLAH. Then added some scarecrow makeup, because they wear make up duh. I mixed up different make up looks on Pinterest and added pig tails. The hay was laying around the house from my fall decorations so it was an added touch. Would love to see what you come up with for Halloween! #dressuphalloween

Also as mentioned on Instagram, is price matching Hunter boots for a major discount. All you have to do is either call customer service or live chat with Nordstrom online asking to price match Hunter boots from Costco and they will! Only catch is Costco must have your size and color preferred available. Costco price is $79.99 compared to $150.00.  I have read this trick online and just checked with live chat and it worked, so hope it works out for you! Doesn’t hurt to try :) (Bummer I already have these boots or I would def take advantage of this deal)

XX,Dede Raad