Old Navy Haul

I asked you guys on Instagram what retailers y’all were interested in seeing and I got so many good ideas! The first one that a lot of y’all said was Old Navy so I decided to try it out. I have shopped at Old Navy for years and usually love everything I get. I was so surprised at how many good fall finds I ended up with. They really have a lot of basics at affordable prices and always great quality! I will definitely continue to order from Old Navy and share with you guys. I would love to know yalls thoughts on shopping Old Navy and any other retailers recommendations on the comments below!

**30% off with Code: THANKYOU

*All pieces are true to size!

Lip Color: Velvet Teddy | Star Necklace | Customized Necklace

Blazer (S)| Tank (L)| Jeans (6) | Shoes(8.5)

Sweater (S) | Shorts (M)

Sweater (XS)| Joggers (S)

Jumpsuit (S)

Polka Dot Top (S)| Jeans (6)

Button Down Top(XS) *size up

Plaid Top (S)| Tank (L)


Sweatshirt (S)| Jeans (6)| Shoes(8.5)



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  1. Okay, so this may be a weird one, maybe even an unpopular one, but I was just at Sam’s club today and saw some cute fall things. Sweatshirts, pulls and the like! If that’s something anyone else might be interested in and even worth it I’d like to see you do a try on! Thanks!

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