Husband Takeover 6 Year Anniversary



My Outfit \\ Top: Free People | Skirt: Topshop | Boots: Similar  Marc Fisher

Ted’s Outfit \\ Top: Jared Lang | Pants: Paige | Shoes: Supply Lab – all on sale!

Photos by: Tori Michelle 

Welp! I am back! And only not because tomorrow is our 6 year anniversary. Plus, it’s always nice to get some brownie points do something nice for your wife with no expectation for anything in return. And this, I promise, is the sole purpose of this blog post.

The post is separated into 2 sections. The first is, the outfit. And lucky you because I have a terrible an incredible eye for fashion lol. And second, are the 6 tips to why I think marriage is easy w/ Dede (not that I am married to anyone else lol).

Outfit time
Unfortunately, there are some facts that I do know.
1. The Nordstrom sale ends Sunday night. Yes. I didn’t even have to fact check. This stuff is tattooed in my head, courtesy of marrying a fashionista.
2. The guys portion is actually really legit.

Alright, so this is where things get weird and I am 100% doing this out of the sheer fact that I love Dede more than anything. But I am about to describe the fit and feel of the clothes (sheesh typing that out made me cringe a little lol).

The Jeans: I love jeans that fit like sweatpants (and every dude should). You gotta be prepared in case you need to karate kick somebody, and if jeans don’t allow you to be super flexible, then its out! So you guys can thank me later, this pair of jeans gives you all the flexibility and freedom you need.

The Shirt: Short sleeves 100%. Easy fit, highlights the arms (100% bro-approved) and breathable.

The Shoes: Feel great to me – not sure how to evaluate shoes lol

Ok now on to the other stuff…

Tomorrow is our 6 year anniversary and honestly, time has flown by! It has been absolutely incredible and I couldn’t have imagined it to be this easy. I mean, of course there have been “downs” in our marriage and it is hard work. For instance, just this past week I am pretty sure Dede bought a 47th rug for our house, in which I ended up returning our 46th rug this year…….who does that!? Lol

But in the best way that I can, I want to share 6 tips on what makes marriage easy for us:

  1.  We have Dory-like memory (finding nemo anyone?)
    • Don’t make those 5 minute problems into 5 day problems.
    •  Resolve, forgive and ask for forgiveness, understand, and move on. Understanding that little things are not worth turning into big things. Quick to forgive, quick to understand your spouse, quick to move on and grow together.
  2. We do everything we can to help the other win
    • When she wins, I win! And when I win, she wins! Teammates, not competitors.
  3. We don’t take life that seriously
    • Sure, for some things, take seriously. But the best part about marriage is ENJOYING your spouse. Relax a little and brighten up. It will be alright lol
  4. Work in progress
    • We know that we aren’t going to get it right 100% of the time and that we still have to learn more about each other. But the key is, KNOWING THAT WE HAVE TO LEARN.
    • You guys have that friend that hypes you up? Don’t you want them around like 24/7? Lol everybody needs encouragement. Hype up your spouse like they are the biggest deal ever, and actually start to think it too lol.
  6. Common ground
    • There’s going to come a point when BIG issues do come up. What is going to be the deciding factor? Who makes the decision?
    • Our faith has come through countless times in these scenarios. We both are accountable to it, we both know our spouse lives off of it. This not only provides guidance in marriage, but also builds up trust in each other when decisions need to be made. Not saying it is impossible to have a good relationship without it, just can’t imagine it makes things easy.

ALRIGHT! YOU DID IT! (or you just scrolled to the bottom lol)


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