Getting Ahead For The New Year

Aqua Athletic: Top |  Jacket |  Bottoms | Shoes

I’ve been looking for a printed detail work out set and love this one so much! Found it on Bloomingdales site which has so many great finds! I am new to Aqua Athletics, but after finding them on Bloomingdales I have so many pieces I want. The quality is really great on both the leggings and jacket. Also, how cute is this little tank?! It’s a thin fabric which is great for working out, and I like that it’s a little bit cropped. Honestly, this fitness post is mainly for me to keep me accountable for the New Year lol. I know it’s pretty cliche of me to have fitness goals for 2018 but WHY NOT be cliche if it’s going to motivate you. I have been in a good healthy routine and making healthy eating choices off and on ALL YEAR LONG. One month I would kill it and one month I would be a total slob. With the holidays and December travels being so busy, slob r us has been me! I think over the years of my fitness journey, I have learned what motivates me and what does not. I wanted to share below in case you are also on the struggle bus like me!

  • Memberships / Class Packages: We have a gym downstairs in our building but it’s not the best. There is like 5 pieces of equipment and it’s pretty dark. Ever since I got a membership for Orange Theory, it really has motivated me to get my booty to there. I also signed up for 5 classes at Soul Cycle and it expires in 5 weeks so that also motivates me to go!
  • Accountability: when I was working out consistently I had accountability partners to meet me at the gym. 90% off the time when I don’t feel like going to the gym, I have absolutely no excuse. I can’t bail on my partner 90% of the time so typically I just show up. I also believe that scheduling a class plays a role in accountability. If you don’t show, you pay and that hurts too!
  • Schedule: Make it a date and you won’t miss it. Our schedules get so busy that if I don’t set a routine on when to go, I won’t. This also is when classes come into play. I already know I work out best first thing in the morning so I schedule my classes then!
Unmotivates Me:
  • Extreme Workouts: not my cup of tea. I don’t enjoy them and I know I would dread it then eventually not go.
  • By myself: Working out alone is no fun. I love catching up with people and working out is the perfect place to do so! Even if it’s with a trainer as crazy as that sounds lol
  • Evening Classes: I have a friend that loves working out in the evening and I never can understand it lol I have tried scheduling a few classes in the evening to try and honestly I just spend the entire day dreading it. I prefer to wake up and get it out of the way. By the end of the day I am pooped anyways. Listen to your body and schedule a time that works for you and your schedule!


Black Velvet Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: Express | Belt: Gucci

We are back from London and already missing it! Although, we are so happy to see little Chewy and have a break from the cold weather. Now that we’re home its back to holiday preparation! It is single digits till Christmas people and still lots to do!

I wanted to share this black velvet jumpsuit from Express with you guys real quick since it could help yall prepare for the holidays. I wore this in London for dinner one night and again for a Christmas party! I am so obsessed and think it’s a great change up to a cocktail dress. You can style it so many different ways to dress it up or down. Throw in a belt like I did above or add a fun jacket! It comes in a couple different colors and Express is having 50% off everything in store and online making this little cutie under $50! If a holiday outfit is still on your to-do list, Express is your place to go! So much sparkle and velvet that will have you holiday ready! Be sure to check out my Instagram stories later tonight for more looks from Express on sale!


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Under $50 Gift Guide


1. Joggers(for him): Everyone needs at least a couple pairs of these in their wardrobe cause they are comfy and cute and necessary!

2. Diffuser(similar): I need to get my hands on one of these things soon! I have heard so many great things!

3. Blanket(on sale): This looks so soft and perfect to throw over the couch or bed!

4. Slipper(other option): Love these obviously because they are animal print, but they do come in a couple different colors as well!

5. Candle(similar): I have shared these candles with you before because they are so great! I love so many of their scents!

6. Bag Set(cute idea): This big bag is so perfect for travel and love that it comes with a matching small bag!

7. Sunglasses(affordable option): So I love this brand of glasses and just saw that these are on SALE! Hurry before they sell out!

8. Lipstick Set(sale!)(other option): You guys know that this is my go to lipstick and this set has so many colors that I love!!

9. Scarf(affordable option): You can never go wrong with gifting a scarf! This one comes in so many colors to choose from!!




Day to Night Exploring

Tank: Bp | Poncho: Lou & Grey | Top: Free People | Leggings: Spanx | Shoes: Ugg

Hey friends!! Hope y’all are having a great Wednesday. I legit can’t believe Christmas is so close. I have a mile long to do list of Christmas shopping and getting things done when we get back. Being in Europe this time of year really does get me in the holiday spirit unlike anywhere else. Since it’s sooooo cold outside, layers have been key for me and I keep finding myself grabbing the same thing over and over again (although I packed 2 checked bags lol). Since I have loved them the most, I thought I would share ASAP!

My Spanx leather leggings and my ugg boots have been on repeat for a while and I talk about them a lot! What I did want to highlight is the poncho and my thermal underneath. This poncho has saved me this trip since it’s been windy and it covers the bum! It’s soooooo cozy and I’ve worn it way too many times already. My thermal is another find I was so excited for. I love the length that also covers the bumm and the sleeve detail which keeps it cozy!

This look is perfect for a day to night time look if you just tuck in the thermal and switch out the uggs for some booties! This is what I wore while exploring London during the day and for dinner just swapped out the shoes as you can see in the last photo!

Usually before a trip, just like this one, I place a huge order from Nordstrom! They cover every need on my trips and have an amazing selection. I’m also obsessed with their free shipping and free easy returns. Whatever I don’t end up packing, I just put it back in the box and send back! Always makes my preparations for trips so much easier!


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