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Hi! I’m Dede Raad, lover of all things fashion, travel, and family. I am saved by Grace and Jesus is my redeemer. I married the love of my life Ted at 20 years old and he is pretty much the best person on this planet. We share a dog named Chewy and a beautiful baby girl named Rosie! 

I am half German and half Palestinian, so I can understand Arabic and speak a little bit. My mom was a flight attendant so traveling will always have my heart! She has 5 sisters and 1 brother, so we always joke that Ted has 6 mother in laws! My father passed away unexpectedly two months before our wedding which plays a huge part of my testimony. 

I graduated from the Hilton Conrad College at the University of Houston (Go Coogs!). After graduation, I tried the corporate America oil & gas route which was not for me. After that, I went on to be a wedding planner for two years at the most beautiful castle called Chateau Cocomar. Ted and I were the first couple to get married at the venue, and it was an absolute dream! The wedding industry is where I discovered my passion for design. 

My hope is that Dress Up Buttercup is a community for women to inspire other women to feel confident. I absolutely love getting to know you guys and being able to share my family with you. As a thank you, I do a small monthly giveaway to show how much this community means to me. You can see the winners and the organizations we donate to here!













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