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My Outfit // Dress: So What? | Shoes: Soda

Holly’s Outfit // Dress: Say What?

You guys know I have been obsessed with bodycons lately and I have found another fav! I feel like for summer they are so easy to throw on and are so comfy(especially with the bump). I love the stripes on this one and the high neck, but prob the best thing about it is the price. I mean $13 is such a steal! The quality is really great on it, it’s thin which is perfect for summer, but not thin to the point of see-through or uncomfortable. I have actually had to return a few bodycons that were over $100 so I’m really impressed by this find. I saw it on Walmart’s site along with so many other cute and summer dresses that I will be ordering soon. I’ve included some below that are colorful and perfect for spring/summer!


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  1. Posts like this make me really sad that Walmart doesn’t ship to my country… I’d love to try a bodycon dress, they look so flattering while being so comfy and easy to throw on.

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