Skincare With Colleen Rothschild


Colleen Rothschild: Retinol Supreme Night Oil | Extreme Recovery Cream | Face Oil

Yall, I have GOT to do a full updated skincare routine over on stories with ALL the products I have been using and loving. I was introduced to Colleen Rothschild about two years ago and it’s a skincare line that I need to give more attention too! I religiously use their products and lately have been SO obsessed with their face oils. I was just using moisturizer daily and knew I was missing something in my routine! I got a facial the other day and the esthetician was like ummm why are you here?! Your skin is perfect! That totally confirmed that I must be doing something right.

I am going to list the 3 below that I have been using and loving! I also have been using this cleansing balm off and on for the past couple years and love it!

  1. Face Oil: Like I mentioned, I only was using a moisturizer and that didn’t cut it for my dry skin! I knew my face needed more and this was definitely missing from the mix. The vitamins and oils that come from this product has made a world of a difference even when applying my make up. Everything goes on super smooth now that I have really gave my face the nutrients it has been lacking!
  2. Retinol Supreme Night Oil: So this is a new product from Colleen Rothschild and I have been so happy with it as well! Funny story about retinol, somehow a very strong retinol (like prescribed retinol) ended up in my bathroom drawer and I used it like it was a moisturizer. A few years ago I had NO background knowledge of products in general since mother never used them growing up. Anyways I peeled like CRAZY and couldn’t leave the house for 2 days. After getting a facial the esthetician let me know that it wasn’t just any moisturizer and retinol is STRONG stuff but important! I went home and researched like crazy the benefits of retinol, etc. I knew my skin didn’t need the full retinol treatment but it also had benefits that I didn’t want to miss out on! Once I came across this about a couple months ago, I have been hooked! This is my second bottle since April!
  3. Extreme Recovery Cream: Like I mentioned, I get dry skin so I go back and forth with moisturizer cream all the time! I know they say that you should try something for a couple weeks before seeing results but I just like rotating my creams. This one is super lightweight and fluffy and has been a favorite as well!

Yall keep in mind that I get products sent to me ALL the time and I am constantly trying them out for yall! There are lots of products that don’t work well for me that I choose not to share because I never would share something that I genuinely do not love as well! Hope you all found this helpful and let me know if you have any skincare questions 🙂




90’s Theme With eBay

Sweatshirt: Similar | Jeans: Levi’s | Shoes: New Balance

Last week I spent the week with elementary kids teaching them at vacation bible school! I look forward to spending time with them singing, dancing, learning, etc. every year. Of course every time I spend time with kids, flashbacks start and I am reminded of all my childhood memories! I actually started college for elementary education but thank God I changed my major halfway! Those kids practiced my patience this week and every year I have a new appreciation for teachers lol!  

Growing up in the 90s seems like so long ago. I wish I had pictures of my 90s fashion! I thought I was the shizzzzz walking around in my Juicy Couture tracksuit haha. Anyone else or just me?! I was definitely inspired after last week to recreate a 90s look and found my pieces on eBay!

I mean it doesn’t get any more 90s than Levis mom jeans, some New Balances, and an oversized graphic top. Everything can be found on eBay and they have created a deal page here. Did you know that over 80% of items on their website are brand new items! I bought these Levis on eBays website months ago and they have been wearing them on repeat ever since! I also never have had New Balances but growing up I always have had my eye on them! My kid dreams have come true lol.


Thanks to eBay for sponsoring today’s post.


Banff Travel Diary



Cardigan: Treasure & Bond | Top: June & Hudson | Jeans: Wit & Wisdom | Shoes: Halogen

Top: Zella | Leggings: Zella | Shoes: Adidas | Hat: 47

Cardigan: Free People | Top: Socialite | Jeans: Free People | Shoes: Steve Madden

Top: Wayf | Skirt: Blanknyc | Boots: Brinkley | Hat: Peter Grimm | Watch: Michael Kors

Top: Free People | Jeans: Wit & Wisdom | Shoes: Sole Society | Hat: Halogen(similar) | Necklace: Kate Spade

Vest: North Face | Leggings: Zella | Shoes: Adidas | Top: Bp | Glasses: Quay

Top: Free People | Jeans: Citizens of Humanity  | Boots: Sam Edelman | Scarf: Shiraleah

Top: Madewell | Jacket: Trouve | Jeans: Wit & Wisdom | Hat: Peter Grimm| Shoes: Steve Madden 

Dress: Vici | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Necklace: ModCloth| Earrings: New Friends Colony | Glasses: Chloe(similar)

Top: Bp | Cardigan: 1. State | Jeans: Free People | Boots: Brinkley | Hat: Peter Grimm

I am finally putting together our Banff travel guide! Emily and I got the chance to come here last year and we immediately knew we wanted to come back after we got home. It was so special to bring Ted back here since I could not stop talking about Banff all year! We flew into Calgary and rented a car to drive to Banff (about a 1.5 hour drive). It really is an easy / beautiful drive to Banff! Last year we stayed in a small town about 30 mins from Banff called Canmore. You can read that travel diary here!


The Mount Royal Hotel: Was so excited about finding this hotel! We always book last minute so I want to say I found this hotel on Hotel Tonight (the app). At first, they were booked but like 3 nights before our trip, I called and they had availability! It is a super modern quaint hotel in the perfect location. It is in the heart of the city of Banff and you can easily walk to all the restaurants / bars! The hotel actually just reopened after a fire. Everything is brand new and remodeled! I would stay here again!


*Tooloulous: Emily and I ate here last year and knew we wanted to come back again! They have an amazing breakfast selection and even better pancakes. I typically let Em order pancakes and just take a bite from hers but I couldn’t pass up the maple bacon pancakes this time! They were SOOO good. Make sure to order something while you are in Canada to try their Maple Syrup! Also there has been a line out the door the past 2 years we have gone but the wait goes by fast and is worth it!

Earls Kitchen + Bar: We went here for happy hour one night! After finding out this was a chain, I wasn’t in LOVE with this place but that’s just me getting in my head haha! I got the apple goat cheese chicken sandwhich and I loved how different it was! It was yumm and even though I complained about it being a chain, I would go back! haha!

Aardvark Pizza: If you are looking for quick and easy pizza, this place is it! A couple of locals recommended it and it was so good! We grabbed a box of pizza and stopped by the little wine place next door for a bottle and had dinner at our hotel’s rooftop! What we didn’t know was the hotel rooftop also served pizza and alcohol but I bet it wasn’t as good as this place!

Cows Ice Cream: You can smell this ice cream from a mile away. I was so impressed! There also was a long line but it was really worth it! The entire town of Banff is filled with dessert stops but this one had a line so we knew it was going to be worth it haha!

Banff Fairmont: There are SO many different restaurants here! We had lunch at the Look Out area and could not stop staring all around us. The tacos were not anything epic but that’s ok because the views were incredible. I really wanted to try the champagne bar or the steak place! Maybe next time!

*Lakeview Lounge at the Fairmont Lake Louise: If you go to Lake Louise, be sure to grab lunch here! You also should go before lunch around 11ish because once it gets busy, it is only reserved for hotel guests! We tried to go back for a drink later that evening and they denied us since we weren’t staying at the hotel. If you go at 11am you can also request a table of your choice. We had an AMAZING view of the lake from our table through their huge glass windows. It was the best!

To Do:

Fairmont Lake Louise: This is a must for sure!! Both years we have gone here and have spent the entire day here. It is about an hour drive from Banff but so worth it! Lake Louise is where the canoeing picture was taken. It is so nice that they have the Fairmont on the property so you can spend an actual day here. Both years we have gone first thing in the morning when the canoes open and start there! That way there aren’t that many people on the lake. Canoeing is a little pricey but so worth the experience. Then after you can have lunch on the property and then hike the trails around. Be sure to also go early because parking is a nightmare and they will turn you away once the lot is full!

Lake Moraine:  We had to learn this first hand for Lake Moraine that their parking lot also gets full and they will turn you away. Lake Moraine is the pretty blue water photos with me in my work out outfit. It isn’t that far from Lake Louise so it’s about an hour drive from Banff. You also have a small .25 mile hike to get to Lake Moraine where Lake Louise you can just walk up to it! The only thing is Lake Moraine only has a small cafe (with no seating inside) so there isn’t much to do after you take your pictures haha! Since we didn’t get a spot in the parking lot, we found a shuttle bus that charged us! It was worth it but try to get the minimum time. We ended up begging him to take us back early since it was cold and rainy and we didn’t have umbrellas. We obvy were not prepared! If we would have gone early and had a parking spot, we would have been fine too! All in all, so worth it. It is something I have never seen before in my life.

Banff Surprise Corner //  Hiking is my love language so I am so glad we got a chance to do this! This gives you such a pretty view of the Fairmont and along  Bow Falls. I mean Houston doesn’t have much of a hiking trail or waterfalls so it was AMAZING.

Town of Banff: Of course walking up and down the town is so much fun to do! Stop at all the candy stores and do some shopping.


Of course, there is lots to do during the summer and we weren’t able to do them all like hiking etc! During the winter there is of course skiing! Below are a few things we weren’t able to do but were recommend it! Google them to see if you would be interested!

Banff Hot Springs

Glacier Tours

Gondola Ride

Tea House Hike



Perfect Fall Wedding Guest Dress

Dress: Willow & Clay | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Purse: Gucci | Earrings: Bauble Bar

With all of the fall wedding invitations starting to roll in, I have been getting lots of requests for fall special occasion dresses! This La Cienega dress could not be anymore perfect! It encompasses all the fall trends, colors, and has the most beautiful cut! I will be sharing a few of my favorite Willow and Clay pieces from their fall line over on stories today! I wanted to share this look though since it put a smile on my face! I actually wore it out last night to Chateau Cocomars open house (the wedding venue I use to work for and got married at)! It fit the occasion so perfect and I got so many compliments on it. Oh and you can use my code GOWILLOW and get 10% off your first order!!

Happy Friday darlings! Thank you for stopping by! After my little try on we will be leaving to San Antonio for a girls road trip! It is my my best friends/ cousins bachelorette party this weekend! We have been planning this weekend from the beginning of time so I AM SO EXCITED!!