Floral Spring Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: Moon River | Bag: Claire V. | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Earrings: Baublebar

I wanted to share this adorable floral jumpsuit with you all because it is so flattering and I have been huge on this print. The inspiration for this print actually came from our interior designer Amanda! I literally am obsessed with her and all her help for the house but really decorating the house + so  much travel has really been inspiring my outfits! I never really stopped to think this could be a thing but it really is! How else do we get inspired? I would say by others and the internet! Anyways Amanda presented me something along the lines of this print for a painting and I was super hesitant. It looked like it could be something my aunt would have in her house! I have seen the print at a couple other friends places and thought meh! Now the print has REALLY grown on me and I love love! We aren’t moving forward with the art piece just yet but I thought I would share the love in this flattering jumper instead 🙂

Haha anyways enough about my rant! Happy Thursday babes! I am headed to the gym and then have a full day of prepping for our trip tomorrow!


Blue With A View

Top: Free People | Shorts: Bishop + Young | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Earrings: Baublebar | Hat: Sole Society


Well, you know, it’s Dede’s birthday, which means some good news and some bad news….

Good news? She has someone to write this post for her today!

Bad news (For you and me)? It’s me!

So first, let me just give you a quick summary of this outfit. You see that shirt she’s wearing? It’s got this turtle neck thing going on, which is  wintery kinda. And if you look closely, it’s sleeveless, which is summery. Guess what comes between winter and Summer? Spring! So this shirt (it’s called a shirt, right? Not a like a blouse?) is perfect for spring weather!

Alright – now these shorts – they’re blue, have a little knot thingie and super cool cute looking #nuffsaid. Add some bling, like those earrings and wrist wear stuff, and you got yourself a legit super duper cute outfit!!

Now onto the birthday girl! Let me brag a little here (not that you have a choice). This trip that we just went on reminded me so much why I’m absolutely obsessed with her. All I wanted to do on this trip was to get to fly the new first class configuration on United before losing our United benefits. This plane only flies to business-centric cities (i.e. Frankfurt). She didn’t once try to convince me otherwise to take another flight (which if the roles are switched, I would’ve), because if you know Dede, a vacation without the beach is no vacation at all. So needless to say, she had no idea where we were going to end up. I had no idea (I didn’t really care bc I was too busy nerding out about planes).

The whole time, she was all smiles and just looking forward to hanging out. It was that upbeat, good attitude that was so gravitating. To sum up Dede’s personality, it would be just that. She is so upbeat about life, not taking small things too seriously and always enjoying the moment. She takes every opportunity to make the best of any situation and has this uncanny ability to brighten the room with that big, bright smile she has. I always told her she has the best smile I have ever seen. It never was because of her super white teeth or the one dimple she has, but always because of her character behind that smile. Some people say marriage is a lot of work, and although it may be true, if you do your best to understand your spouse, marriage is the most fun thing ever. And no offense to you and your situations, but did I way out-kick my coverage (ask a football fan about this reference) with Dede.

Happy Birthday baby girl! Looking forward to celebrating with everyone later.

The Hubs.





A Trip Tooooo??


Dress: Ali & Jay | Bag: Givenchy | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Earrings: Baublebar | Bracelet: Cara

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday! Uhh this week is flying by already! Can I even say that on a Tuesday??? If you follow along on IG (which you should bc that is where alllll the party is at) you probably saw that we went on a little spontaneous trip! So the low down is, my mom is a flight attendant and I lose my benefits this week (when I turn 26 on 4/4). Since Ted and I are on her flying benefits, we get to basically fly for free on standby. Well, since that won’t be the case after this week, we decided to take one last random together! We actually were thinking that the flight to Taipei or Tokyo looked wide open so we would end up there. Ted had one request, that we would fly the 777-300er because he is obsessed with planes! I always catch him watching youtube videos on plane reviews and I think its the cutest thing ever! Anyways, this 777 is the newest United plane and apparently, the first class is different and something special. So he did his research, and only about 5 places fly with the new plane!

So we packed our bag, I packed a carry on which is CRAZY / UNHEARD OF and we ubered to the airport! The international flights went out of either SFO or EWR and the first flight we made was EWR! From there we found a wide open (first class and all) flight to Germany! After our flight to Germany was confirmed, we started to do research! I have been to Germany a couple times so wanted to go somewhere I haven’t been before. Ted and I have actually never truly visited Italy. We both have spent a random night in Rome but nothing serious! Italy and Greece have been high on my list the past year and I have been dying to go. SO we found tickets from Germany to Naples and bought those minutes before our flight to Germany took off! I thought I was able to do research on Naples / Positano on the long flight but of course, the internet was down. Luckily we had about an 8-hour layover in Germany so I was able to book our hotel (we use the app Hotel Tonight on about 80% of our trips)! All in all, it was a 27+ hour journey but oh so worth it! It probably was cheaper / faster just to purchase tickets from IAH to Naples but hey it was an adventure! We stayed at the most beautiful hotel and every memory was just about amazing. I can’t wait to share all the details but until then, here is the first look on night one!

Also I insta storied this entire journey so if you look under my IG highlights under “a trip to ??” you can watch it all unfold there! Thanks for following along friends 🙂



Tulum Travel Diary

So excited to share my Tulum travel diary before I start sharing my trip to Italy on the blog! Scroll down for all outfit details and at the bottom a full review 🙂

One-Piece: Isabella Rose | Bandana: Kate Spade | Earrings: Baublebar

Top: Free People | Shorts: GRLFRND | Bag: Gaia | Shoes: Tory Burch | Earrings: Baublebar

My Outfit // Shorts:  GRLFRND | Bandana: Kate Spade

Emily’s Outfit // Top: Isabella Rose | Bottoms: Isabella Rose

Top: Isabella Rose | Bottoms:  GRLFRND | Shoes: Tory Burch | Earrings: Bp

Top: Loft | Bottoms: For Love And Lemons | Earrings: Baublebar | Bag: Claire V.

Dress: Faithfull The Brand | Bag: Gaia | Earrings: Marley Lilly | Bracelet: Baublebar  

Jumpsuit: Moon River | Purse: Gaia | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Earrings: Marley Lilly 

Romper: Isabella Rose | Glasses: DIFF | Purse: Gaia | Earrings:  Marley Lilly 

Top: TopShop | Bottoms:  GRLFRND | Shoes: Tory Burch | Earrings:  Marley Lilly | Purse: Gaia

Ah I had so much fun on our trip to Tulum last week that I wanted to share! We went with the swimwear company Isabella Rose (all the swims I am wearing above are from them & aren’t they so darn cute) and it was truly a magical experience. Traveling with other influencers and brands is probably one of my favorite parts of blogging. Such magical moments, conversations, and experiences happen on these trips! Just getting to spend time with like-minded people from all over is so much fun! The only other person I knew on this trip was Emily (of course) but it’s always so fun to go on a trip and learn peoples stories. On top of all that, we got to stay at the Andaz Mayakoba and will review below!

Property: So the room is probably my favorite part of the entire resort. I think the entire room was as big as my condo in Houston! It was massive and designed so modern, it made me happy the entire time! I could have shared the room with 4 girls and would have been perfectly fine! Not to mention there was a pool on the balcony which is always so fun! You can either choose to stay in the lagoon or by the beach! The property is huge so we did bike around to get to the different areas which is always fun!

Pools / Beach: So there are two main pools and the one by the beach was the one closest to my room so we hung out here the majority of the time! The view from the pool to the beach is so calming and it’s such a bright colored area that you can’t help but smile! The other pool is surrounded by the lagoons which is peaceful!

Activities: So a company called Connectors and Creators invited us on this trip and planned every detail. They were SO wonderful and I am so incredibly thankful they included me! Our first full day we went to Tankah Tulum to see the Cenotes! It was my first time here and it was soooo magical! The water is incredibly blue and feels just like a pool! We spent half a day here and if I wasn’t so crazy about getting my hair wet (I would have had an absolute blast)! Remember the days as kids were we would just swim away and not worry about our hair?? Or is it just me?? Haha but really my hair takes a million years to dry and style so I would rather have it all planned out! But they did have ziplining into the cenote which I thought was awesome! Another activity we did was have a boat ride on the lagoon at our property! We got to see the other properties by the Andaz which was cool. We actually ALMOST honeymooned at one of the properties that the boat rode past so that was cool! Other activities involved eating, beaching, and taking lots of photos 🙂

Transportation: Getting there was only a 45 minute shuttle ride! I do recommend always scheduling in advance!