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So first you can read here, my thoughts on sharing with intention. If you remember a couple weeks ago, I scheduled a couple beauty appointments for my “birthday” and wanted to take you all along. I loved everyones response on what they were interested in, but I also felt this overwhelming pressure to not want to share. I had this fear I would send the wrong message that you need this, this, or that, in order to feel good about yourself. In no way, shape, or form do I want you to think that. I also don’t want you to think that I have insecurities and I am not confident in my own skin. Trust me, I am, or I don’t think this blog would exist! Of course, like every human being out there, there are areas where I think could improve. I also don’t usually second guess myself or overthink much so when this topic came about, I don’t know why I was. Maybe because in my world, it’s taboo to share. Anywho, I have overcome my fear since everyone was so nice when reaching out, and I am so excited to share my under eye results! I am actually a SUCKER when it comes to needles or anything medical related. I legit threw up and shed tears last time I was at the doctor. Anxiety gets the best of me in this field, so this was my first ever treatment.

I had a friend tell me about Mia Plastic Surgery and I basically called and interviewed them before I set the appointment lol. When I went in for a consultation, the staff made me feel incredibly comfortable and their beautiful office was right down the road! After many hours of research, I found that Dr. Phi was the best of the best!

Katy was the esthetician who did my particular laser treatment and was sure to answer all and every question I had. We did a live session during our visit and she explained / answered everything, so I will include the video to my dropbox link here, it is very helpful!  After my consultation we decided that fractional laser was what would be best to help with my concerns for my under eyes. My mother is Middle Eastern and dark circles, fine lines, extra skin, etc., is definitely hereditary! This treatment also helps with acne scars, sun spots, etc., and can be done to  your entire face. It is a quick rubber band pop and did not hurt! I would prefer this over needles any day.

I definitely do see a difference in my under eyes and could not be happier with the results. The best part is with the laser treatment, there isn’t maintenance. It can be a one time treatment depending on how much you protect it by using SPF. Dr. Phi also added fillers to my under eye after the treatment to reduce the hollowness look that was causing the dark shadows. Fillers do need to be maintained every 6-8 months. I was amazed at the instant results of the fillers. The laser treatments true result does take up to 2 months – so that is mainly why this blog post also took so long! I will share on IG stories later today a live video result so you can get a better picture!

Make sure to watch the video here! I wasn’t planning on sharing the video with you all but I realized she did a LOT better job explaining it than I ever could. It really is helpful for any questions you may have or reach out to Mia Plastic Surgery!

I also have decided to put together a Houston beauty guide after my birthday week so you can find all the places I visited and loved in one spot! It will be under the Shop page or here. I will be sure to update it often!


2 thoughts on “Under Eye Treatment

  1. First of all thank you for sharing this Dede! I have tried several products for my undereye and I can’t seem to find anything! I also hate needles so I never thought of any type of surgery or in that category! My mom also has dark undereye circles so I know mine will only get darker and I don’t want it to! If it weren’t for my under eyes I would probably not be wearing light makeup on a daily basis, but I do to even out my under eye coverage. It’s a little frustrating lol! Anyways I will definitely look into this and thank you again for sharing this, seriously!! Also you mention about fillers. Does this involve needles 🙈 ?

    1. Hey love bug! I am the SAME way!! I am here for any questions and yes actually the fillers are needles BUT I was so numb from the laser that I didn’t feel a thing and wasn’t bad at all.

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